Insurgeons Meeting Minutes 13

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Meeting Number: 13

Date: 3rd March

Time: 1 pm - 6pm

Venue: SMU-SIS GSR 2.5

Members Present: Navin, Guan Long, Yash, Ayush

Issues raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline

- Things Done

-File Dump/Repository
-Add/Delete Multivalue Attributes
-Refinement of Tracking
-Rejection Mechanism
-End of Workflow Determined
-Changes to Database Classes
All All NA

- Things to be Done

-Changes to New Appointment Process
-Reappointment Workflow
-Search Feature
-Data Locks
-PDF Generation
-Selection of Appt Letter Template
All All 15 March 2009

- Changes Made to New Appointment

-Review changes
-Remodel our New Appointment Workflow
All All NA