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Meeting details

  • Meeting number: 1
  • Date/time: 8 January 2009 (Thursday) 1530 hrs to 1730 hrs
  • Note taker: Paresh
  • Present:
    • Navin
    • Guan Long
    • Yash
    • Paresh
    • Kevin
  • Absent with apologies:
    • Ayush - TA-ing for EWS class


Issues raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
Updated KS with regards to the concerns raised in his email

--> Process designing and development will run in parallel

-->Project schedule is modified to include buffer after UAT: Iterations are longer and changes will be made in the following iterations.

--> Requirements gathering has been done but requirements are not finalized.

--> Proposal is made clearer

Kevin via email N/A N/A
Explanation of project description and business scenario

--> Database to capture HR and Education related data

--> Process re-engineering for the faculty appointment and re-appointment processes.

Yash N/A N/A
Finalization of technology to be used


Yash N/A N/A
Project Management tool and SVN Repository

--> Already set up. Update in progress.

All N/A By early next week
Suggestions from Kevin

--> Conversion of all documents in electronic format

--> Document upload feature

--> Tracking status of work flow

--> Re-routing of application

--> Conditional approvals

--> Need to understand the users who will be interacting with the systems.

--> Hand drawn UI sketches to help visualize the whole system

--> Consider New technology

--> Goal: Coming up with goals for the team

--> Tell a Story with the presentation

--> Start work on development

Kevin All Week 2
Project schedule and meeting minutes to be posted on the IS480 wiki and KS to be sent an e-mail about the same. Kevin All Monday, 12th January
Update on Client meetings

--> Expected date Friday, 16th Jan: KS to be updated,once meeting is finalized. --> Scheduling of meeting with other administrative staff

Yash/Kevin Yash Asap
Change of weekly supervisor meeting schedule

--> Ayush cannot make it because of EWS TA class

Yash N/A