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Meeting details

  • Meeting number: 2
  • Date/time: 20 January 2009 (Tuesday) 1900 hrs to 2015 hrs
  • Note taker: Ayush
  • Present:
    • Navin
    • Guan Long
    • Yash
    • Paresh
    • Ayush
    • Kevin Steppe
  • Agenda: Discuss progress, update on documentation (Use Cases, Workflow Models, Database Schema, etc), Risks Assessment


Issues raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
As Is models

-->We should not wait for approval from DUKE NUS as the process flows is not our project

Kevin All N/A
Database Schema

--> We had come up with two database models – one a generic and the other more tightly integrated with the current process

--> We need to weigh the pros and cons of each and if it is in favour of our project plan, level of technical ability, etc

--> Find middle ground

All All 21 Jan'09, Wednesday
Updated Project Schedule

--> Need to highlight main features and iterations

--> Building of project must begin

--> Deliver maximum value in minimum time

All All N/A
Risk List

--> Need to update risk list on a weekly basis

--> Risks this week include:

1) Time taken to build a sophisticated workflow engine

2) Changing requirements from DUKE NUS

3) New departments being added/removed

4) Our idea of success & failure

All All Weekly
Suggestions from Kevin

--> Start Development

--> Domain does not change: OOAD

--> Make solution process independent

--> Build, then change

--> Requirements gathering sign off: Human factor

--> Meeting with only key players in the project

--> Access Control Lists, instead of use cases with fixed users\

Kevin All Week 4
Update on Supervisor Meetings for coming weeks

--> Chinese New Year Meeting postponed

--> Week 6, timing clashes with CAT exam

Yash Yash Asap