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Meeting details

  • Meeting number: 9
  • Date/Time: 25th March 2009 (Wednesday) 1930 hrs to 2030 hrs
  • Present:
    • Kevin Steppe
    • Navin
    • Guan Long
    • Yash
    • Ayush
    • Paresh

  • Agenda:

Weekly Update


Issues Raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
  • Process Changes

- Changes to As-Is process after Flow charting exercise dated 17th March.

- Changes have been incorporated into the system.

All N/A N/A
  • Changes to Search View

- Changes to Interface so that it is user friendly

Navin/ Kevin N/A N/A
  • Matrix Designs

- Kevin: Depends on what your trying to show.

- Design 1: Better for smaller numbers.

-- Try to sort by where they are in the process.

- Design 3: Allow click to show particular case.

All N/A N/A
  • Template Editor

- Check if they would require all the features.

- Are all of them compatible with pdf generation.

Ayush/ Kevin N/A N/A
  • Get feedback on UI

- Get feedback from client on the User Interface

Kevin N/A N/A
  • Add a mechanism to terminate the process.

Kevin N/A N/A