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Meeting details

  • Meeting number: 7
  • Date/Time: 4th March 2009 (Wednesday) 1030 hrs to 1100 hrs
  • Present:
    • Kevin Steppe
    • Navin
    • Guan Long
    • Yash
    • Ayush

  • Agenda:

Mid-Term Break Project Updates


Issues Raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
  • Update on Duke-Nus Client meeting

-> Further changes to "New faculty appointment process"

-> Flow Charting exercise scheduled for 17th of March 2009 with Dr. Robert Kamei(Vice Dean for education)

Yash N/A N/A
  • Demo of Development work in Mid-Term Break

- File dump/repository

- Rejection Mechanism

- Refinement to tracking

- End of workflow determined

- Changes to Database (Classes)

- Add/Delete functions for Multi value attributes

All N/A N/A