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Meeting details

  • Meeting number: 4
  • Date/time: 03 February 2009 (Tuesday) 1900 hrs to 2000 hrs
  • Note taker: Yash
  • Present:
    • Kevin Steppe
    • Navin
    • Guan Long
    • Yash
    • Paresh
    • Ayush

  • Agenda:

Project Update, Project Management, Mid Term Evaluation


Issues raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
  • Duke Nus Meeting

- UAT Scheduled for 16th Feb 2009

Yash N/A N/A
  • Demo of development done in the previous week

Ayush/Guan Long/Navin N/A N/A
  • Tasks should be broken down into smaller tasks

- Modify reporting periods

- Too many things spanning across multiple reporting periods

- Consider changing to 2 weeks reporting periods.

Kevin All N/A
  • Feedback on Project Proposal

- Project description was vague

-Features were not clearly elaborated

- Things done in Weeks 1-3 should have been there earlier

-Technology was not mentioned

Kevin/Yash N/A N/A
  • Mid Term evaluation

- Primary aim: Report progress

- What to include: -->Clear Requirements

--> Project on schedule

-->Models , diagrams, prototypes

-->Learning outcomes and reflections

-->Actual Vs Planned schedule

--> Mention conflict in As-Is process

Yash/Kevin All Mid Term evaluation due on the 16th of Feb