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Meeting details

  • Meeting number: 10
  • Date/Time: 02 April 2009 (Thursday) 1930 hrs to 2030 hrs
  • Present:
    • Kevin Steppe
    • Navin
    • Guan Long
    • Yash
    • Ayush
    • Paresh

  • Agenda:

Weekly Update


Issues Raised Issue Raised by Assigned to Deadline
  • Poster

- Kevin: Project Screen shots could have been added.

All N/A N/A
  • Data Locks

- 3 types of locking: Optimistic, Block the update, Warnings to prevent change

- Time window for edit

- If not many users using the system from every department, there is no real need for the locks.

All N/A N/A
  • Admin Tool

-Database design allows changes to be made easily.

-No real need for Admin Tool now.

All N/A N/A
  • Matrix

- Decide on default sorting

- Could show application date or last movement date

All N/A N/A
  • Presentation( Tell it like a story)

- 3 questions:

What you did?

How did you do it?

What did you learn?

- Talk about design choice::Why? Generic Vs Specific

- Run the Demo slowly so that everyone can understand

- Why does the client want the system?? --> Present Problems and Challenges

- Keep Data entry simple

- Show it in Chronological order:: Pick a day in the organization and show how this would work.

- Show the cases

- Understand the audience

Kevin N/A N/A
  • Design document

- What is being communicated to the people?

- Show design only if it's relevant( For eg. DB table for making changes)

- DB Schema: zoom in on stage transition on the table. Show how easy it is to change things.

Kevin N/A N/A
  • Others

-Show the schedule and the progress

- Things learnt

Kevin N/A N/A