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Our Team felt that before embarking on the project it was critical to understand the industry environment of information management and representation.
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Representing Enterprise Information


Enterprise Information has been represented in several forms. The above diagram is teh result of our analysis of the information representation in companies. Initially, companies were confined to Single User technologies. Recently, many companies have been moving to social networking for information representation.
Our group feels that Complex, Multiple User applications is a progressive development and will be needed by enterprises in the future. Hence, we feel that there is a need to be able to deliver a product taht allows MultiUser Complex Information.

Fortune 100 use of Social Media

Understanding Collaboration

Before deciding on a development platform and engine, our team analyzed the interaction options available within the collaboration space. We identified 3 major areas in which collaborative work is represented:


Our aim is to deliver a platform that delivers all three aspects of collaboration. In order to better develop our product, we examined and researched existing technologies within the space.

The 3D Choice

The second key issue we addressed in our brainstorming sessions was teh need for 3D information representation. As mentioned prior, a vast amount of real time information is required to be displayed. Though the current technologies provide some level of representation, we realize that none of these technologies deliver data as effeciently and cleanly as that of existing gaming engines.
So what is there to learn from Gaming Engines such as Second Life and World of Warcraft?
The answer lies in the existance of the additional z axis that eliminates paging in 2D and the ability to update information in real time. Also, the richness of communication is boosted by messanging, and other social communication and collaboration features such as notifications have become commonplace due to proliferation of Facebook and other social media platforms.


Gaming platforms are not focused on enterprise information use. We want to build a platform that provides enterprises a real time 3D collaborative platform that is intuitive, quick loading and highly usable.