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This section describes the key areas of learning or improvement, allowing for personal areas of growth or learning.


Responsibilities: Security Analyst / Developer


  • Responsible for secure connection during login and access of information.
  • Design the security program
  • Secondary role as Developer for Claims module

Personal Reflection: I have learnt that the work is not truly over when you have completed your own assigned piece of work, for the key is a fully functional integrated model. So it is important to do integration at an early stage and as an iterative process, so as to ensure a smooth integration process where bugs and conflicts can be spotted early and rectified quickly.

De Ming

Responsibilities: Quant Analyst / Developer


  • Responsible reporting system
  • Provide an in-depth algorithm for the analysis of data collected
  • Secondary role as Developer for Report module

Personal Reflection: I learnt that revising materials learnt from past modules was especially useful to our project as some functionalities (e.g. bootstrapping of a CSV file to a database) and logic greatly aided me in designing certain modules (e.g. uploading of budget) of our project. So it definitely pays off to not forget what you previously learnt!


Responsibilities: User Interface Designer / Web Designer


  • Design the layout for best user experience and usability.
  • Implement a rich Web Experience on the portal

Personal Reflection:As the AJAX framework is entirely new to me, designing an effective user interface takes a large amount of time, experimentation, and research work. Hence, it is important to start designing early in order to be able to consider and implement various design considerations.


Responsibilities: Database Administrator / Developer


  • Setting up of database and scripting of SQL queries
  • Secondary role as Developer for Claims Module

Personal Reflection:The initial learning curve for mastering the Oracle database was rather steep and substantial time was required to read up on forums and to experiment with the database and connecting it to our web interface. Thus, I learnt that developing and maintaining the database was an ever-ongoing learning process as whenever we updated or added a functionality, further tweaking of the codes (e.g. SQL) and connection logic was required.


Responsibilities: Documenter / Developer


  • Management of documents
  • Secretary
  • Secondary role as Developer for Budgeting Module

Personal Reflection:Although the project has many different segments (e.g. coding of modules, user interface, project management, documentation), I have learnt that it is imperative that everyone knows the progress of each segment, regardless of whether or not you are assigned to that particular segment. Hence, it is important to have up-to-date and regular communication with group members for status updates and so that everyone has a clear picture of the overall progress.


Responsibilities: Project Manager


  • Project management
  • Managing stakeholders and main liaison to client

Personal Reflection:With a bigger project scale and a more complicated client requirement set as compared to the Software Engineering project, effective project management has become even more critical and hard to execute to ensure a successful project.