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Technical Diagram Minutes User Testing Documents Project Deliverable

User Test 1

UT1 Test Plan


  • Discover usability issues of the web application
  • Obtain feedback by testers regarding functionalities and user interface
  • To improve web application based on UT1 results

Number of Users: 3 (Sponsor, and 2 testers from Green Transformation Lab)

Venue: SMU SIS GSR 2-1

Date: 28 October 2015

Duration: 40 mins per user

Scope of UT1:

  • Registration
  • Login/Logout
  • Application form for 1-Leaf to 4-Leaf GFA Label (Shipper and Carrier)

UT1 Test Document: User Test 1 Document

Collation of Test Results / Comments Registration / Login Functionality:

  • Ensure that user cannot sign up if 'accept memorandum' checkbox is not selected
  • Date - could be a calendar pop-up
  • Country of incorporation - display as dropdown list
  • Ensure that user can only login to application with a role selection
  • Ensure that it is clear to user that 'member' option has to be selected before logging in
  • Reduce the amount of vertical space used

Application Form Functionality:

  • Ensure success page is working
  • If applicant is a GFA member, allow the selection of company name from a dropdown list of members
  • Ensure that the countries options only include Asia Pacific countries, others should be in free text form
  • 'Own fleet vs Sub-contracted' - only one field needs to indicate %
  • Ensure that the list of assessment partners is configurable by super admin
  • Could include future submission date to notify applicants
  • Don't pre-populate 'yes' as default option
  • Ensure that applicants cannot submit form without filling all fields
  • When choosing 'only the following' or 'all except for' - Prompt a free text field for user to enter
  • Validate that all required evidences are attached before allowing user to submit application
  • Reduce the amount of horizontal scrolling

Other suggestions:

  • Comments box at the bottom should enable user to input multiple lines
  • Improve the design of the forms by reducing the amount of white space

User Test 2

UT2 Test Plan


  • Average Success Rate of main tasks to be > 85%
  • Gather feedback on User Experience
  • Critique UI Layout

Number of Users: 4 (Sponsor, and 3 Industry Testers)

Venue: SMU SIS GTL Lab

Date: 18 February 2016

Duration: 40 mins per user

Scope of UT2:

  • Registration
  • Login/Logout
  • Data Collection and Validation Module
  • Assessment Module
  • Certificate Generation Module
  • Notification and Tracking Module

UT2 Test Document: User Test 2 Document

User Testing 2 Results

Usability & Functionality
  • System should be able to detect user type without user specifying
  • Registration data should be saved in session
  • Add a hover-over information function
  • Upload file function should only be shown if data provided are outside verification limits
User Test 3

UT3 Test Plan


  • Detect usability issues
  • Measure time taken to complete application form
  • Gather feedback and improve web application

Number of Users: 7 (Sponsor + 6 Potential Real Users)

Date: 8 April 2016

Duration: 30 to 40 mins per user

Scope of UT3:

  • Registration
  • Login/Logout
  • Data Collection and Validation Module
  • Assessment Module
  • Certificate Generation Module
  • Super Admin Module

UT3 Test Document:
User Test 3 Document (Applicants)
User Test 3 Document (Assessment Partner)
User Test 3 Document (GFA)
User Test 3 Document (Super Admin)

User Testing 3 Results

Usability & Functionality
  • Not obvious to applicant regarding which question requires additional documents
  • No update file function to upload GFA Label signature logo
  • Contact name entered in numbers, error message is displayed but user still can proceed
  • For shipper forms – if negative number is inputted, user still can proceed to next step