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Mid Term Wiki

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Project Progress Summary

Completed Iterations: 14/14
Final Slides: Final Presentation Slides
Poster: Poster
Pitch Video: Pitch Video

Project Highlights

1. Completed 3 Testings - 2 UAT & 1 UT (Actual Transactions involved)
2. Engaged real restaurant owner’s opinions (B3, Bricklane, the daily scope)
3. Project deployed on both web and mobile end


1. Achieved intended X Factor of:

    25 Transactions by end of Midterms
    50 Transactions by end of Finals
    2/3 restaurant owners acknowledging to use our application for their business

2. Actual transactions through UT, Generated gross volume: $504.66 across all transactions


3. Revamped the current ordering process



1. Current process not catered to all variety of food and beverage styles namely: Self-pick up, Café dine-in and Fast food. We specialize and developed the app with Café dine-in, in mind
2. To self pick up new coding language and learning curve was steep, delayed first few iterations
3. Had to reduce the number if UAT at first as sponsors request for revamp of the interface, given new findings from their side

Project Management


Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual):


Project Metrics:

Project Change Management:

Project Risks:

Technical Complexity:

S/N Issue Challenge Solution
1 Customization of food option has many different computations from different restaurant outlets Database design should be able to support the business requirements Worked with sponsors to go through a few iterations of designing and testing the database with live menus
2 Need to store captured customer orders, while still enabling for navigation within app (pages before payment) and backend need to be able to read and store the orders accordingly Unable to find a feasible way at that time other than tediously passing from one page to another and backend need to handle many exceptions in case of mistakes Use redux to store the orders in a separate location independent of the pages so that able to navigate throughout the pages, and to be able to manipulate data from there
3 Avoiding redundancy in data when importing .CSV file which contains food item details Creation of category/sub category of food items depends existing categories or sub categories in the menu. Furthermore, The .CSV file only specifies the category and sub category names and do not specify Category ID or Sub Category ID Required to run through the database to counter check if the category or subcategory names already exists in the menu of a specific restaurant, per food item.

Time complexity: O(n), where n is the number of food items (rows) in the CSV

Quality of product

Intermediate Deliverables:

Topic of Interest Link
Project Management Minutes
Technical Diagrams Diagrams
Design Personas & Scenarios
Prototype - HiFi Wireframes
Competitive Analysis


Deployment Link (Mobile): Download MakaNow on Playstore
Deployment on Heroku MakaNow Manager.

Login Details for Mobile Customer
Username: CUS001@makanow.com
Password : ilovef0od
QR Code:


Login Details for Web Admin
Username: MA005
Password : hamdan123

Login Details for Web Super Admin
Username: AD001
Password : superadmin321





Restaurant Owner Comments

1. B3: The project testing went very well, the manager system to edit menu into the system is easy and straight forward. However, it is a hassle to check the double check the payment with customer before accepting the order.
2. Bricklane: I think the project will reduce manpower costs and hours. Moreover, scalability is possible with merchant tie ups. However, it would be better if integrated with POS/ordering system or with a printer/kitchen display system.
3. The Daily Scoop: Even though the application might not fit the business model, however it is definitely a value adding idea for the food and beverage industry as a whole.

The First Order has been a great team and partner for MakaNow. The team has come a long way in bringing the application to life and it has been a great experience working with the team. The team has performed extraordinarily. Learning and implementing a new language is never easy, and they manage to do it while creatively building more features on the platform. They manage to convince real restaurants to run the app and get real time user feedback. Very impressive!