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S/N Iteration Platform Type Change Request Decision Priority Action Taken Status
1. 4 Mobile App Project Requirement: About the Team After developing the application, tab about the team info seems redundant Accepted Medium About the Team tab is removed Closed
2. 4 Web App Project Requirement: Superadmin and Profile Page After looking through the scope of the project, Superadmin and profile page does not add value to the project. Sponsors would like to remove the functions Accepted Medium Superadmin and Profile page is removed Closed
3. 4 Mobile App UI/UX Sponsors have requested change in colours used. Accepted Medium Colour scheme to be improved or changed. Closed
4. 5 Mobile App Project Requirement: Leaders and Non Leaders Updates and changes refer to only Leaders can submit as this will ensure that the participants stay together throughout the trail instead splitting up and completing the various mission which will defeat the purpose of SMU Engaging U Onboarding program. Every other participant can only view New Storyboard and Badges Accepted Medium Leaders will be able to view and submit but non-leaders are only able to view Closed
5. 5 Mobile App Project Requirement: Include more interactive elements With the removal of AR, sponsors would like to see more interactive elements in the application. Accepted Medium We have suggested the following: Word Search, Anagram, Drawing, Quiz, Wefie, Drag and Drop Closed
6. 5 Mobile App Project Requirement: Randomise first starting hotspot To randomise the first hotspot and allow flexibility to allow the users to plan their own trail Accepted Medium We have randomised the first hotspot and all hotspots will appear after the first hotspot is completed Closed
7. 8 Mobile App & Web App Project Requirement:Remove badges Sponsors would like to remove badges. Accepted Medium Badges removed Closed
8. 9 Mobile App & Web App Project Requirement:Change Smoo Smoo logo Sponsors would like to change the logo of Smoo Smoo. Accepted Medium Logo changed Closed
9. 10 Mobile App & Web App Project Requirement: Remove Minihotspots Remove mini hotspots. There are 6 hotspots which will be utilized Accepted Medium Removed minihotspots Closed
10. 12 Web App Project Requirement:Creation of Location via Map Both sponsor and supervisors have adviced us to change the creation of location by map view, making it more intuitive Accepted Medium Map on the Web App to allow admins to easily create new location by dropping a pin on the map Closed