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Project Progress Summary

Midterm Slides: Click here to view

Deployment Link:

Login Details for Admin View
Username: admin1
Password : admin123

Login Details for User View
Username: rachael.low.2015@sis.smu.edu.sg
Password : fyp1234

Project Highlights

Positive Highlights:

  • Semi deployment of web application

What unexpected events occurred?

  • Reconstruct User Interface structure to suit user behaviour for better user experience
  • List of requirement changes
    • Drop Advanced Search Module to adapt user behaviour
    • Adding Date Stamp to record status changes
    • Adding two more fields to take in "Field of Study" and "Interest" of users
    • Switching Service Module out from good to have with User Reflections and Data Visualization
    • Adding function to Manage Countries List
    • Adding function to Manage Interest List
    • Drop User Individual Reflection function (Good to have)
    • Adding Date Time stamp to record any status changes in the system
    • Change the occupation drop down list options
    • Admin to delete countries from the Manage Countries tab
    • Admin to delete interests from the Manage Interests tab
    • Filter function to filter results based on MMYY instead of DDMMYY
    • Add additional field in Partner database to collect alternative HR email address

Project Management

Project Schedule (Planned Vs Current)

Scope Change
Timeline Change

Project Metrics

Project Risks

Technical Complexity

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Difficulties faced

S/N Difficulties
1 Unfamiliarity in JavaScript – Prototype-based inheritance system and its behavior when invoking JavaScript methods behave differently than the way in which most other Object Oriented programming languages operate
2 Incompetent in solving the problems incurred when Ajax enhancements are incorporated with JavaScript
3 Difficulty in ensuring project to work properly across numerous dissimilar environments - Different web browsers interpret HTML markup slightly differently
4 Difficulty in managing change in database design
5 Difficulty in deciding on the most suitable function to integrate with the existing codes and database
6 Difficulty in integration of front-end and back-end of web applications due to asynchronous communication between them

Quality of product

Intermediate Deliverables

Topic of Interest Link
Project Management Minutes
Risk Management
Change Management
Project Overview Project Overview
Project Documentation Diagrams and Prototypes


Deployment site:
Our web application is responsive with Galaxy S5, iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 6/7/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad, iPad Pro devices.

Client Testing

User Testing Date Venue Number of Testers
User Testing 1 12PM – 2PM 08th AUG 2018 Singapore Management University SIS GSR 2.6 2
User Testing 2 2PM – 4PM 28th AUG 2018 Singapore Polytechnic School of Business Rm #037 3
User Testing 3 12PM - 4PM 01st OCT 2018 Singapore Management University SOE GSR 3-8 23


Sponsor's feedback on system and team's performance


Team Reflection