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UAT 1 Test Plan

Venue: Online
Date: 11 August 2018, Saturday
Time: At their own time
Number of Participant(s): 5
Target Audience: SME Users


  • To collect feedback on developed features and user interface built from users
  • To identify potential user interface and/or user experience issues from users
  • To improve system by gathering results and comments from UAT 1


  • Account Module
  • Dashboard Module
  • Report Customization Module Part I
  • Report Customization Module Part II
  • Integration Module I
  • Integration Module II


  1. Participants will be provided with the link to the web application
  2. A document comprising of the step-by-step instructions will be handed to users
  3. Participants will follow the document to complete the UAT
  4. Participants will help the team fill in the post-UAT feedback form.


S/N Goals Achieved? % of participants able to complete the task
1 Participants should be able to add data source API as a developer Yes 100%
2 Participants should be able to create user account as a manager Yes 100%
3 Participants should be able to login as a user using the created user account Yes 100%
4 Participants should be able to replicate a report template Yes 100%. However, some of them took longer time to replicate the report template

Post-Test Questionnaire


Overall Feedback / Comments

  • Cannot write in chart title
  • Create template is buggy
  • After saving template, the view should flip user back to the edit template
  • Color styling to be improved as it is missing
  • After admin creates account, user gets logged out
  • Report Template cluttered buttons
  • Not able to move table widget easily
  • Table widget appearance can be improved
  • The naming of the "manager" is suggested to be the particular company's manager as majority assumed the manager to be Scube
  • Scrolling of the report page is not smooth. There were bouncing effects seen