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Acceptance Midterm Final

Project Progress Summary

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Project Progress

The team has completed 100% of the project, with core, secondary, and tertiary modules finished. Post midterm, the team has finalized the audit trail function, login and authentication, and created the report generation module. A third UAT was conducted on 10th April 2017, and the handover to the IITS is scheduled on 19th April 2017.

Finals State

Current Iteration: 17
Date: 10 April 2017 to 21 April 2017
Project Milestone: Handover to the IITS (19 April 2017)

Project Highlights

Iteration Agenda Remarks
14 Creation of Report Generation Module This module processes the information from course and faculty to generate the following reports for faculty adjustment, adjunct faculty, school courses, faculty teaching loads, and faculty programs.
16 Removal of Role Access Matrix To integrate the TLMS with existing systems, the system needed to undergo a database change to comply with their data structures. To add to that, the client asked for SSO implementation, that would also take long to develop. Because of the time constraints, the team has decided to drop the Role Access Matrix module, as the changes for this could not be accomplished by the end of IS480.
17 Finalising of Project Documents SixIT's Poster and Pitch video have already been approved and submitted. Final submission of documents such as UAT Issues Log, technical specifications, and project specifications are to be submitted to IITS by 19 April 2017.

Project Management

Project Status

S/N Module Status Confidence (0-1) Remarks
1 Faculty Management Deployed and Tested 1 N/A
2 Course Management Deployed and Tested 1 N/A
3 Teaching Load Allocation Deployed and Tested 1 N/A
4 Exporting Deployed and Tested 1 N/A
5 Usability Deployed and Tested 1 N/A
6 Audit Trail Deployed and Tested 1 N/A
7 Administration Deployed and tested 1 N/A
8 Reporting Deployed and Tested 1 N/A

Planned Schedule

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Actual Schedule

Slide 2.jpg
Final 2.jpg

Changes in Schedule

Iteration Task / Module Change Remarks
14 Report Generation Module Expanded on Reporting Module In addition to exporting data tables, added generated reports from faculty, course, and allocation data
14 Auto Allocation Module Removed Auto Allocation Module Clients did not want allocations to be generated automatically by the system
15 Project Demo to PSC Moved to Iteration 16 Due to delays from development and availability of the client




Project Risks

Risk Probability Impact Mitigation
Difficulty in integrating with other IITS systems Medium High Other IITS systems have different data structures that are not compatible with the database of the TLMS, which made it hard for the system to integrate with these existing systems. Should we adapt to the structures of the other systems, over 200 of the services would have to be configured, which may not be accomplished by the end of IS480.

Technical Complexity

Database Complexity for future phases and Audit Log
Post IS480, the database will be modified further for the integration to other existing systems such as HR Systems, ISIS System, Finance System. Secondly, with the development of the audit trail feature, the database design had to change drastically, with the creation of more entities and attributes. The following are the acceptance and midterm ER diagrams for reference, which shows the heightened complexity of the project due to security requirements.
Acceptance ER Diagram
Midterm ER Diagram
align = "left"
High security standards to deploy on SMU servers
The application contains confidential information that only higher-level administrators can access, which is why advanced security standards highlighted a high complexity in the development of the project. Among these complexities include XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting), Windows Authentication with Active Directory, and Cross-site Request Forgery. The role access matrix shown below shows the specific CRUD functionalities that school roles can do, depending on their level of access.

Filtering and Recommendation Algorithm for "Copy Previous Year's Allocation Data" Functionality
The "Copy Previous Year Data" was not simply a bulk copying of previous data into current data. The following computations were already developed to carry-over load allocation, which includes the load calculations, overriding, and viewing over schools. Meanwhile, the checking of contract start and end date and calculations of pro-rated teaching load are still in progress.

Restructuring of Course Offering Report
The course offering report presents the different courses that will be offered in a specific term, and the number of sections allotted for each course. The screenshot below shows the business requirement given by the IITS for Course Offering.

align = "left"

The requirements for this report were not very clear, because of some inconsistencies with the information presented. There should be a total of 15 terms for each module, of which only 3 is shown in the current report. Each entry of this report is also assigned to a faculty, which we realised was redundant, because the report is only meant to show which courses are offered in specific terms. Therefore, the team had come up with an alternative to properly show the course offerings. The screenshot below shows the improved structuring of the report.

align = "left"
We removed the attributes of faculty and compiled the number of sections offered for each term as dynamic rows instead of columns, for an easier view of the course offerings.The implementation of this report required the linking of 8 tables, and different kinds of grouping and counting to generate the output.

Quality of Product

Stage Requirements
Project Overview Description
Project Management Task Metrics
Bug Metrics
Risk Management
Design Diagrams Use Case Diagram
ER Diagram
Business Process Diagram
Testing and Documentation User Testing
Meeting Minutes


Date: 31 January 2017
Testers: Teck Siong (IITS), Sunita Chatta (Provost Office)
Time: 09:00 - 11:00
Functionalities Tested:
1. Faculty Management (Core)
2. Course Management (Core)
3. Reporting Module
Click here for more details on UAT 1: SixIT UAT Testing

Date: 22 February 2017
Testers: Teck Siong (IITS), Sunita Chatta (Provost Office)
Time: 09:00 - 11:00
Functionalities Tested:
1. Faculty Management (Core and Secondary)
2. Course Management (Core and Secondary)
3. Allocation Module (Core and Secondary)
4. Copy Data Module
Click here for more details on UAT 2: SixIT UAT Testing

Date: 10 April 2017
Testers: School Administrators
Time: 16:00 - 17:30
Functionalities Tested:
1. Faculty Management (Core and Secondary)
2. Course Management (Core and Secondary)
3. Allocation Module (Core and Secondary)
4. Copy Data Module
5. Report Generation Module
6. Administration Module
7. Audit Log Module
Click here for more details on UAT 3: SixIT UAT Testing


Team Reflection

Our group learned to respond actively to changes in team requirements, promote team collaboration and communication, and manage stakeholder expectations to achieve quality work.

Individual Reflection