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Project Progress Summary

Project Highlights

Positive Highlights:

  • Live testing of iOS application in flight simulation
  • Web and iOS application receiving live data from client servers
  • Testing aboard real flight to test offline synchronisation

What unexpected events occurred?

  • Client server down during testing; impact in changing to localized codes & charting libraries
  • Switching of client web service during development
  • Pilot instructors become pilot candidates themselves causing minor bug in matching forms

List of requirement changes:

  • Include an addition of 1 more new form into overall requirements
  • Removal of good-to-have functionality and scheduling functionalities due to client server restrictions
  • Removal of PBT Template to tighten up on QA in project
  • Renamed Analytics Module to Visualization Module based on client request

Project Achievements:

  • 60 iOS Usages
  • 44 PDF forms produced

Project Management

Project Status

IOS Account 15 15 0 100.0% 100.0%
PBT 25 25 0 100.0%
Synchronisation 11 11 0 100.0%
Notification 5 5 0 100.0%
WEB Account 6 6 0 100.0% 61.05%
PBT Review 61 61 0 100.0%
Visualization 6 6 0 100.0%

Project Schedule (Planned Vs. Actual)

Scope Change
Timeline Change

Project Metrics

Project Risks

Technical Complexity

S/N Complexity Rationale
1 Signature Library Integration Library synchronizes incorrectly when two or more signature pads are being added to the same page. Clearing of signature becomes an issue as only the latest one got recognized and cleared. Saving of signature becomes an issue too as the latest signature replaced the earlier one which is saved.

Project Quality

Project Deliverables

Project Management Metrics
Risk & Change Management
Project Overview Project Overview
Project Documentation Diagrams
Testing Testing Document


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Internal Testing

Client Testing

UAT Date Venue Number of Testers
User Testing 1 7:00am – 2:00pm Feb 2nd 2018 ST Aerospace Academy 5
User Testing 2 3:00pm – 9:00pm Feb 10th 2018
12:00pm – 6:00pm Feb 13th 2018
ST Aerospace Academy 8
User Testing 3 27th March 2018 to 3rd April 2018 ST Aerospace Academy, Airbus Asia Training Centre and On-Flights 25


Team Reflection & Learning Outcome

  • Jonathan
    • Through these 6 months, I’ve learnt so much about people and time management. Maintaining balance and expectations is key to ensuring a consistent progress. This project has pushed us to our limits, making us grow a lot as a person. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be working in such a fun and caring team. We’ve had our ups and downs but we have always maintained that we should stick together. I’m very proud of what we’ve done and achieved together!
  • Yvette
    • Although testing is very tedious due to its repetitive nature, however it is important as our final product delivered to our client should be of the best quality. I also learned that it is important to know what exactly our client wants, one good way is to update them with our progress and also check with them if there is other inputs needed. Apart of FYP, I have other modules to focus on, it is important to have good time management especially when we are juggling with many submissions and projects.
  • Terence
    • FYP gave a realistic experience aligning client expectations and the team’s commitment. On top of just coding applications, I learnt the importance of handling tasks as a team and effective communication.
  • Swee Heng
    • This FYP gave me a very different perspective on development. Previously, as I am a freelance developer, I always took projects without having any much consideration on the stakeholders as my intentions is just simply to complete the projects and move on. After this Final Year Project, my view on any projects changed. Stakeholder management is actually pretty important as whatever we develop will eventually be something that should change their lives instead of adding more trouble to them.
  • Huili
    • This 6 month journey I have walked has been a rewarding and enriching experience. From gathering requirements, listing functions, drafting UI to coding out the real application. Even though it was not smooth sailing as we thought it would be, we learnt from our mistakes and grew even stronger at the end of it. IS480 grilled us and the challenges that we’ve encountered made us go beyond our limit. Nevertheless, I am glad that we've made it till the end!
  • Victoria
    • This semester has been tough with the loss of a loved one. I learnt that professional responsibility is crucial in the context of not only FYP, but also at work in the future; no matter how down I am, I still need to produce the work as my role as a team member. I'm incredibly grateful for my thoughtful and understanding teammates for having my back, supporting me through this difficult semester. After all, this song by The Beatles, "With a Little Help From My Friends", serves as a reminder to me that we're all in this together and no member will be left behind.