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UAT 2 Details

Venue: ST Aerspace Academy
Date: 10th February 2018, 13th February 2018
Time: 3.30 pm to 10pm, 12.00pm to 6.00pm
Number of Participants:

  • Captain Kenneth Symon
  • Captain Robert Champion
  • 6 Testing Pilots


  • Gather user feedback on developed user interface for developed functions from real users
  • Identify potential usability issues


  • Search for schedule
  • Start an assessment
  • Grading candidates
  • Sign and review form
  • Submit the form
  • Application's performance


We have assigned roles to the team members, which includes:

  • A main facilitator, who will facilitate the test with a fixed set of instructions
  • A secondary facilitator, to collect feedback at the end of the user testing session
  • A scribe, who will be recording behaviors and comments from our participants if participants think aloud while testing
S/N Objective Attained?
1 Participant should be able to login using SSO Passed
2 Participant should be able to search for pilot scheduled assigned 'Today' Passed
3 Participant should be able to start 2 assessments Passed
4 Participant should be able to switch within 2 assessments Passed
5 Participant should be able to sign the form Passed
6 Participants should be able to submit the form in flight mode Passed
7 Participants should be able to switch between 2 assessment less than 2 seconds Passed

Key Findings

Functions Feedback Changes
UI/UX (Practical Base Test Module) Give selection to select Captain or LIP Don’t pre-define for them, let them choose if it’s LIP or Captain (Radio button)
UI/UX (Practical Base Test Module) Drop down menu must have label to indicate it's drop down, Instead of blank yellow Adding a label whenever there is drop down
Performance Performance is fine -