IS480 Team wiki: 2017T2 Royal Flush Documentation Diagrams

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RF menu team.png
RF menu proj ovw.png
RF menu proj mgmt.png
RF menu doc active.png
RF submenu doc pers scen.png
RF submenu doc diagrams active.png
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RF header biz process diagram.png

RoyalFlush BizProcessDiagram.png

Pilot Assessment Process (As-Is)

RoyalFlush BizProcessDiagram-ToBe.png

Pilot Assessment Process (To-Be)

RoyalFlush BizProcessDiagramReview-AsIs.png

Pilot Assessment Review Process (As-Is)

RoyalFlush BizProcessDiagramReview-ToBe.png

Pilot Assessment Review Process (To-Be)

RF header archi diagram.png

RoyalFlush Architectural-AsIs.png

Architectural Diagram (As-Is)

RoyalFlush Architectural-ToBe.png

Architectural Diagram (To-Be)

RF header ios tech diagram.png

RF header webapp tech diagram.png