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User Testing 2's Test Overview

Date: 26 January 2018
Duration: 1600 – 1700
Venue: SIS SR 3-3
Participants: 10 Users (SMU Students)
Scope: Application consisting of 7 core functions

  1. Login and OTP Verification
  2. Check Account Balance
  3. Transfer Funds
  4. Add Beneficiary
  5. View Beneficiary
  6. Education Component (Quiz, Learning Cubes and Scoreboard)
  7. Admin Live Chat Takeover

Objective: To gain early feedback/user perspectives on usability of completed functionalities. Furthermore, to gain feedbacks tBuddy can access tBank services more seamlessly and provide for the services for the users. This User Testing is primary to ensure Tbuddy is of quality for the first proof of deployment. As such, the main objective of this UT is to get feedback on the education component, which includes quizzes, learning cubes and scoreboard.

Overview of Tasks' Results:

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User Ratings:


Feedback From Users

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