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User Testing 1's Test Overview

Date: 6 November 2017
Duration: 1200 – 1300
Venue: SIS MR 4-5
Participants: 3 Users (Interns of tBank)
Scope: Application consisting of 7 core functions

  1. Login and OTP Verification
  2. Check Account Balance
  3. Transfer Funds
  4. Add Beneficiary
  5. View Beneficiary
  6. Edit Beneficiary
  7. Live Chat Takeover

Objective: To gain early feedback/user perspectives on usability of completed functionalities. Furthermore, to gain feedbacks tBuddy can access tBank services more seamlessly and provide for the services for the users.

Overview of Tasks' Results:


User Ratings:


Feedback From Users


Key Findings

1. Which features do you like best based on the test? Why?
User 1: Credit Transfer as it is very convenient and step by step procedure is provided by the bot.
User 2: Admin Live Support. There will be times where a chatbot will be unable to handle certain requests and an admin will come in handy to fulfil user’s needs.
User 3: Users are given the option of typing or saying to execute certain functions provided by the app.

2. Which features do you like least based on the test? Why?
User 1: There should be a menu selection when user first enter the chat.
User 2: There are no ways to cancel live admin support
User 3: There are no notifications for zero payee in the beneficiary list.

Changes made:

1. Users can now cancel the live admin support.

2. A menu message is displayed upon user entering the chat

3. Proper description of beneficiary is displayed for user

4. When user do not have any beneficiaries, a message is displayed