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Change Logs

Iteration Date Type Change Request Change Description Decision Action Taken Status of Request
1 17/10/2017 Member Additional join in of member New member of Gary to help out on the back-end developer. Accept Vice PM noted and change task allocation and project schedule. Closed
3 07/11/2017 Schedule Date of deployment to IOS Deployment to IOS to bring forward from final to mid term. Accept The team rescheduled and prosponed good to have function to after mid term and focus on main functions first. Closed
3 07/11/2017 Front-end Design Back ground for Main Page UI Would like to make the back ground of the app more relavant with the business.Remove the current background. Accept Front-end developer taken note and make the changes Closed
8 17/01/2018 Scopes Sender's reminder system To add a sender's reminder system to increase price for item that has not been picked up more than 2 hours Rejected - Closed
9 29/01/2018 Business Model / Scpoe Deliverer Model To focus only public transport deliverer and remove private vehicle deliverer model Accept Front and back end to Remove private vehicle functon, Vice PM to update schedule and wiki Closed
10 10/02/2018 Scpoe Smart Recommendation Module Change complexity from recommendation task based on deliverer current location to using analytics of deliverer past task delivery data for more personalised recommendation. Accept Back end to modify smart recommendation. Vice PM to update schedule and implement this function in iteration 10,11 and 12. Closed
11 27/02/2018 Scpoe Credit Purchase Module To add in-app credit purchase for commission charge Accept Front and back end to add in credit purchase for deliverer. Vice Pm to update schedule and add this function in iteration 12. Closed
12 07/03/2018 Supervisor Change of Supervisor Supervisor Prof YoungKi changed to Prof Rafael. Accept To work along well with new supervisor, understanding different requirements. Closed
13 01/04/2018 Scope Change of smart recommendation Forgo Smart recommendation of using algorithm and stay with map view recommendation due to lost of source code and AWS private key.
Drop Notification in-app function due to unable to generate certificate and use text notification instead.
Dropped good to have function of rating and conflict mediation.
Accept Modify / Dropped functions Closed