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Jonathan has been struggling to meet the ambitious sales targets he set at the beginning of this year. His relationship with one of his store managers, Erik, has also worsened due to repeated conflicts over declining sales figures.

Frustrated that things were not improving despite his best efforts, Jonathan realized that the company’s usual sales techniques were not working as well anymore. Recognizing that Scanteak’s customer’s preferences may have changed, he vowed to try out any alternative sales methods to bolster his sales back up to standard.

On a fateful Monday, Jonathan was briefed by his chief technology officer stating that a new sales system has been developed, with analytics functionalities that can predict customer preferences and suggest products they are likely to buy.

Hence, Jonathan decided to test out the new system, Analyteaka, using its predictive functions to determine the recommended products sales representatives should market to customers. On the Analyteaka platform, he was able to access the Customer Profiling function to find the recommended products for different customer groups. Based on the general profile of customers who entered his branch, he was presented with a list of profiles and products that were commonly purchased there.

Excited about the new system’s functionalities, Jonathan immediately forwarded the results to Erik at the Wisma Atria Scanteak Studio to test the system’s recommendations.

On Erik’s side, he was thrilled upon seeing the list of suggested products for the customer profiles he was going to face today. He promptly briefed his sales representatives of the list of recommended products for the corresponding customer profiles.

Over the next few days, Erik monitored the sales figures and customer feedback. To their delight, customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive and sales figures had steadily increased, with many customers citing the sales representatives’ intuition in selecting the right products as the primary reason for purchase.

Erik was glad to report back to Jonathan with the good news: sales had improved and they were back on track to achieve the monthly sales target! Ecstatic, Jonathan immediately began using the Analyteaka system to predict the customer profile preferences for all the other Scanteak branches in Singapore.

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