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Mid Term Slides:

Mid Term Slides

Project Highlights:
1. Our group changed the calendar view on our application from Google Calendar to angular calendar. However, it is still integrated with Google.
2. Sponsor wants a change from QuickBooks to Xero.
3. Week 6 and 7 of this semester was hectic for our group as every group members are busy with our own midterms and presentation, however we still set a day during the weekend to meet.
4. Meet with our Sponsor regularly to ensure the functionalities will be out.
5. Rushing our client for real data so that we can meet our X-Factor.

Project Status:

Task/function/features, etc Status Confident Level (0-1) Comment
Account Module (Manager Portal and SalesKit) Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Hsin Ning
Overview Module (Manager Portal) Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Kian Yong and Mark has been researching on how to improve the graphs
Employee Module (Manager Portal and SalesKit) Fully deployed and tested 100% 1 Mark, Kian Yong
Client Module (Manager Portal and SalesKit) Fully deployed and tested 100% 0.9 Mark, Chong Chieh
Sake Module (Manager Portal & SalesKit) 75% 0.8 We are still working on the Sake Page in SalesKit
Appointment Module (Manager Portal & SalesKit) 100% 0.9 We are still testing to find bugs when integrating with Google
Calendar Module (Manager Portal & SalesKit) 100% 0.9 There are some bugs whereby we are still researching on
Invoice Module (SalesKit) Not done (Ongoing) 0 Iteration is still ongoing
Delivery Order Module (Manager Portal & SalesKit) Not done (Ongoing) 0 Iteration is still ongoing

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual):

Iterations Planned Actual Comments
2 Account Module (SalesKit & Manager Portal) 6 June 2017 6 June 2017 Manage to complete by iteration, took 2 days.
Overview Module (SalesKit & Manager Portal) 9 June 2017 9 June 2017 Started on this right after Account Module.
3 Employee Module (Manager Portal) 16 June 2017 16 June 2017 There is a few changes made by client along the way, hence we take longer time
4 Employee Module (Manager Portal) 30 June 2017 30 June 2017 Continuation of Employee Module. Extend Iteration by 1 day to complete task.
5 Employee Module (Manager Portal) 10 July 2017 11 July 2017 Completed Employee Module, took 6 days.
Client Module (Manager Portal) 16 July 2017 17 July 2017 Extended Iteration by 1 day because we could not finish tasks and most of our group members are busy with their internship.
6 Client Module (Manager Portal) 20 July 2017 22 July 2017 Extended iteration by one day to complete the whole client module.
7 Calendar Module (SalesKit & Manager Portal) 30 July 2017 31 July 2017 Embed the Google calendar, takes 1 day
Sake Management Module (Manager Portal) 1 August 2017 1 August 2017 Extended iteration by one day to complete the sake management module.
8 Calendar Module (SalesKit & Manager Portal) 17 August 2017 19 August 2017 Start on the integration of Google Calendar, spent alot of time researching on their API.
9 Exporting PDF and excel (Manager Portal) 1 September 2017 2 September 2017 Manage to complete by iteration, took 4 days.
Calendar Module (Manager Portal) 5 September 2017 6 September 2017 Client added a company event function, so we have to work on it.
10 Billing Module (Manager Portal) 10 September 2017 11 September 2017 Manage to complete by iteration, took 2 days.
Sake Analysis Module (Manager Portal) 10 September 2017 11 September 2017 Started the same time to rush all the tasks.
Pending Delivery Module (Manager Portal) 10 September 2017 11 September 2017 Started the same time to rush all the tasks.
Employee Module (Manager Portal) 10 September 2017 11 September 2017 Addition of archiving of employees, so we complete it by this iteration.
Client Module (SalesKit) 12 September 2017 13 September 2017 Completed Client Module by this iteration.
Calendar Module (Manager Portal) 15 September 2017 15 September 2017 Realized that embed Google calendar is very buggy, so we changed it to angular calendar.
11 Employee Module (Manager Portal) 18 September 2017 18 September 2017 Completed archiving of employees.
Sake Menu Module (SalesKit) 20 September 2017 20 September 2017 Completed Sake Menu Module by this iteration.
Billing Module (SalesKit) 24 September 2017 24 September 2017 Completed Billing Module by this iteration.

Technical Complexities


1. Jersey Framework
2. Google Calendar
3. Charts
4. amCharts
5. PDFMake
6. MySql

Quality of product

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Minutes
Metrics Metrics
Diagrams Diagrams Diagrams
Testing User test plan User Testing



1. Creates APIs from backend side to allow frontend to take and use it to pluck into their graphs, data tables.
2. Using of Angular 4 to allow better UI.
3. DAO commands to handle database queries and map to DAO.



We conducted 2 user testings, one on the 10th August and another one on the 6th October. We conducted the first test with 6 users from Flex-Solver and the second test with 3 users from Inter-Rice. From these tests, it allows us to see things that never know was a problem, so it enables us to constantly improve our project.
We did regression testing per iteration. This is to ensure that when we complete a new function, the older functionality should still be functionable. In this way, we are always ensuring that constant testing is done for every iteration so that when the whole application is done, the bugs will not be accumulated to the extent that we have no time to debug.


Username: adrian
Password: adrian123
Manager Portal

Username: erica
Password: ericapassword


Team Reflection:

1. The whole project is not easy, and before we take up this project, we came together as a group to discuss the scope and realize that we might have to put in a lot of efforts. However, our team came to a mutual agreement that we want to learn the most out of it instead of it just being a project. Hence, we put our utmost efforts into it to provide the most value for our client.
2. Nearing our mid-term presentation, each of the group member is busy with our own mid-terms and presentation, hence it is hard for each of us to commit to the projects. However, we realize the promise we made to each other at the start, hence we are here, meeting our X-Factor and presenting this application.

Individual Reflection:

Hsin Ning: Being a front end developer, I realised that frontend is not as simple as using CSS, HTML. There are many more frameworks and libraries out there to explore in order to create a good website.
Terence: FYP is a big project, a project very different from any other that I had in SMU. The most challenging, most time consuming yet the one that I learnt the most. I believe the efforts we put in will be worth while, as testing ourselves is testing the limits.
Kian Yong: I have learnt how communication plays a huge part in gathering requirements and meeting expectations of the client.
Myo: Being a Project Manager, I realized that different teams have different signs when we are in the “zone”, for this group is when we start using more vulgarities.
Mark: Quality is key in any product. Keeping the developers and I on our toes by making sure each module not just works but works seamlessly. Learning how to handle expectations of the clients and team is important in any project. By developing comprehensive test cases and working closely to developers I have and hope to continue to produce quality and functional products.
Chong Chieh: I used to aspire to be a software developer. I guess FYP made me realize that it might not be the path for me.