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Project Progress Summary

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Value for Client

1.Creation of an SOP allowing for tracking

Standardizes the flow of the sales process for the sales team. Ensuring each step is accounted for allowing data to be sorted and ordered to analyse performance of employees as well as clients.

Parapara SakeLa SOP.png

2. Client Segmentation

By profiling and segmenting clients with the use of our RFM analysis it enables IRA to better target clients based on their purchasing traits.

Parapara SakeLa RFM1.png
Parapara SakeLa RFM3.png

RFM Matric (Consumers/Businesses)

Parapara SakeLa RFM2.png
Parapara SakeLa RFM4.png

Uses for RFM
Parapara SakeLa RFM5.png

RFM Considerations
Parapara SakeLa RFM6.png

RFM Justifications
Parapara SakeLa RFM7.png

3. Configurable

The applications can also be simply configured to their different client segmentation values when needed

Value for Sponsor


Our pair of applications can be easily customized to each new client's specifications. Its flexibility allows our sponsor's FlexSolver to customize the applications in accordance to their client's products as well as different client segmentation analysis strategies

Project Management

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual):

Iterations Module Planned Actual Comments
2 Account Module (SalesKit & Manager Portal) 6 June 2017 6 June 2017 Manage to complete by iteration, took 2 days. It is within our planned schedule. Kian Yong and Myo manages to complete it within the time planned.
Overview Module (SalesKit & Manager Portal) 9 June 2017 9 June 2017 Started on this right after Account Module. Came up with the logic and the User Interface. Hsin Ning and Chong Chieh manages to complete it within time planned.
3 Employee Module (Manager Portal) 16 June 2017 16 June 2017 There is a few changes made by client along the way, hence we take longer time. The logic was not confirmed and if client changed it, our group needs to change alot of codes. However, constant communication with client ensures we keep on track.
4 Employee Module (Manager Portal) 30 June 2017 30 June 2017 Continuation of Employee Module. Extend Iteration by 1 day to complete task. New iteration, so we continue with the remaining functions of employee module. Covered by Myo and Kian Yong.
5 Employee Module (Manager Portal) 10 July 2017 11 July 2017 Completed Employee Module, took 6 days. Whole employee module for Manager Portal is covered and client has confirmed that it is according to what he expected.
Client Module (Manager Portal) 16 July 2017 17 July 2017 Extended Iteration by 1 day because we could not finish tasks and most of our group members are busy with their internship. Completed all the features that are to be covered in this iteration.
6 Client Module (Manager Portal) 20 July 2017 22 July 2017 Extended iteration by one day to complete the whole client module. This is a continuation of Client Module, which is done by Mark and Hsin Ning.
7 Calendar Module (SalesKit & Manager Portal) 30 July 2017 31 July 2017 Embed the Google calendar, takes 1 day. This is done by Terence but the group is still looking for improvements to the calendar for a better User Interface experience.
Sake Management Module (Manager Portal) 1 August 2017 1 August 2017 There are additions to the details of the sake that needs to be stored.
8 Calendar Module (SalesKit & Manager Portal) 17 August 2017 19 August 2017 Start on the integration of Google Calendar, spent alot of time researching on their API. There are errors at the start as we are unsure of the APIs to use.
9 Exporting PDF and excel (Manager Portal) 1 September 2017 2 September 2017 Manage to complete by iteration, took 4 days. However, exporting PDF takes a very long time to load, so Kian Yong spends longer time than required.
Calendar Module (Manager Portal) 5 September 2017 6 September 2017 Client added a company event function, so we have to work on it. Mark will have to add in extra function to Calendar Module and integration with Google Calendar is different from the normal appointment that we created.
10 Billing Module (Manager Portal) 10 September 2017 11 September 2017 Manage to complete by iteration, took 2 days. Completed by Kian Yong.
Sake Analysis Module (Manager Portal) 10 September 2017 11 September 2017 Started the same time to rush all the tasks. The iteration is short, so we are focusing on 2 functions at the same time. This function is done by Myo and Hsin Ning.
Pending Delivery Module (Manager Portal) 10 September 2017 11 September 2017 Started the same time to rush all the tasks. This function is done by Mark.
Employee Module (Manager Portal) 10 September 2017 11 September 2017 Addition of archiving of employees, so we complete it by this iteration. As this was a last minute addition, we continued to add this feature to the employee module.
Client Module (SalesKit) 12 September 2017 13 September 2017 Completed Client Module by this iteration. Mark did this well and refer some of the logics to that of Manager Portal.
Calendar Module (Manager Portal) 15 September 2017 15 September 2017 Realized that embed Google calendar is very buggy, so we changed it to angular calendar. Mark changed the User Interface of this to ensure that the calendar is bug free.
11 Employee Module (Manager Portal) 18 September 2017 18 September 2017 Completed archiving of employees. Kian Yong completed this function.
Sake Menu Module (SalesKit) 20 September 2017 20 September 2017 Completed Sake Menu Module by this iteration. The whole function is completed by Myo and Hsin Ning and this follows closely with that of Manager Portal, so the time taken is shorter.
Billing Module (SalesKit) 24 September 2017 24 September 2017 Completed Billing Module by this iteration.
12 Shortlisted Module (SakesKit) 30 September 2017 30 September 2017 Completed the tasting feature by customer and the favourites marked by customer themselves. This is done by Mark and Chong Chieh.
Invoice Module (SalesKit) 4 October 2017 4 October 2017 Completed the Invoice Module within this iteration. We rush out this function so that we can complete the last function for this iteration.
Delivery Order Module (SalesKit) 10 October 2017 10 October 2017 Completed the delivery order module within iteration .

Project Metrics:





Technical Complexities

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Parapara SakeLa Tech2.png

Parapara SakeLa Tech3.png

Parapara SakeLa Tech4.png


Parapara SakeLa Tech6.png

Parapara SakeLa Tech7.png

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Quality of Product

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Supervisor Minutes Minutes Minutes
Sponsor Minutes Minutes Minutes
Client Minutes Minutes Minutes
Schedule Metrics Metrics
Bug Metrics Metrics
Design As-Is Process Diagrams
To-Be Process Diagrams
Collaboration Model Diagrams
Relationship Model Diagrams
Architectural Diagram Diagrams
Testing User test cases User Testing
User Test Results User Testing



1. Creates APIs from backend side to allow frontend to take and use it to pluck into their graphs, data tables.
2. Using of Angular 4 to allow better UI.
3. DAO commands to handle database queries and map to DAO.


User Testing 1



User Testing 1 Modifications
  • Lack of alert message often confuses user as to whether their action has been successfully carried out. Hence, we added alert message to inform user that the form has been filled up and successfully carried out.
  • In our Manager Portal, we have 3 different categories for clients: contacts, prospects and customers. Hence, these naming conventions can be quite confusing, so we separate the tabs into its different client type. 
  • Our statistics are too general, so from our clarification with client, we agreed on just setting it to one year limit .

User Testing 2



User Testing 2 Modifications
  • There are some validation which are done wrongly like only allowing handphone numbers to pass the form and not house number. Hence, our group went through every form and validation we have to spot bugs that we might encounter which in fact is unnecessary.
  • The color contrast is different, and this is due to each person's subjective opinion. However, we did take it into account and consult our client on this and went on with the color that he prefers.
  • We changed the User Interface calendar to provide a better User Interface experience

User Acceptance Test



User Acceptance Testing Feedbacks
  • The whole contacts, prospects and customers idea is easy to understand and a good differentiation of the 3 categories. In this way, it is easy to understand the whole concept and act as a good SOP for employee to follow.
  • It is easy to navigate around Manager Portal and Saleskit as all the tabs are well-defined. We can navigate from one page to another page on many situations. Hence, this is very convenient to use.


Manager Portal



Team Reflection:


Individual Reflection: