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Change Management


Change Log
No. Date Sprint Type Change Request Description Issued Impact Approval Action Status
1 26/05/17 1 Technical Framework Change Switch Front-End Framework from ReactJS to Spring + JSP Team Medium Yes Switched frameworks Closed
2 28/05/17 1 Schedule Switch UAT 3 from sprint 12 to Sprint 13 Switch UAT 3 (Final User Testing) when all functions are completed Team Low Yes Switched Dates Closed
3 14/06/17 3 Scope Addition of Analytics Module Sponsor wants users to gain insights of their projects Sponsor Medium Yes Added analytics module to Sprint 12 Closed
4 7/7/2017 4 Schedule Push all functions back by 1 Sprint Spillover due to inaccurately estimating the tasks in sprint 3 Team Medium Yes 1. Addition of Account Module II to Sprint 4

2. Addition of Project Module and Resource Module to Sprint 5

5 04 /09/2017 9 Schedule Push back UAT 2 from sprint 9 to sprint 11 Due to the use of the buffer sprint in sprint 10 Team Medium Yes Switch dates Closed
6 18 /09/2017 10 Schedule Use of the buffer sprint 10 Buffer sprint 10 utilised to complete functions in the project management module Team Medium Yes 1. Document Management System Closed
7 02/10/2017 11 Schedule X Factor task Include task of fulfilling X Factor in sprint 11 Team Medium Yes Team to source for organizations, projects, users Closed
8 04/10/2017 12 Schedule UAT 3 shift UAT 3 shifted from sprint 13 to sprint 12 Team Low Yes Switched dates Closed
9 06/10/2017 13 Schedule Swap in modules Complete analytics in sprint 12 and communications in sprint 13 Team Low Yes Switched modules Closed
10 10/10/2017 13 Schedule Add in UAT 4 Included a final UAT, UAT 4 Team Low Yes Added UAT 4 Closed
11 16/10/2017 14 Schedule Number of sprints Shortened from 15 to 14 sprints Team Low Yes Shortened number of sprints Closed