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Level Function Breakdown
Primary Messaging Environment Setup
Setting up Application Logic
Setting up Environment
Setting up Base Server Functions
Setting up of Models
Setting up of Database Connections
Server Administrative tTools
Setting up of Entities
Ping for Safety (SOS) Launching other in-app pages
Setting up Admin Notifications
Channel for SOS distress signal
Set Up Group Chat
SOS Distress Signal log
Broadcasting Interval ISOS call function
Admin API
User API
Set up Model
Set up Control
Setting up of entities
Contacts Quick Access Admin API
User API
Set up Model
Set up Control
Setting up of entities
Location Tracking Admin API
User API
Set up Model
Set up Control
Setting up of entities
Employee UI Messaging Interface
SOS Button Homepage
Success Status of SOS
Broadcast Page
Contacts Nav Tab
Contacts Page
Homepage Tracking button
Location Tracking page
In-app Navigation
In-app Settings
Admin UI Messaging Interface
Contacts Nav Tab
Contacts Page
In-app Navigation
In-app Settings
General Admin Login & Authentication
External ISOS API
Sembcorp Active Directory
User Database
Development of Supporting Models
Development of Push Notifications (FCM) Setting up of FCM account
Setting up connection to FCM
Notification Configuration
Secondary Flashlight Configuration Setup of Flashlight Integration
Broadcasting Usability Updates Linking to FCM for notifications
Sort incoming alerts by location
Colour coded message severity
Location Tracking Usability Updates Show users relative position
Show other users position relative to the user
Tertiary Language Translation Setup of English
Setup of Spanish Translation
Setup of Simplified Chinese Translation