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Due to the inherent nature of volatility present with respect to most Software Development Projects, the CodeBenders work hand in hand to tackle any unexpected changes that come their way. As with most of the project management strategies employed, the change management process is based on domain knowledge obtained from the PMBOK 5th Edition.


As employed above, the change management strategies largely revolve around the effect towards the following factors:
1) Stakeholder that initiated the change
2) Reason behind requesting for the change
3) Consequences of implementing vs ignoring the changes to

- Scope
- Schedule
- Risk

4) Steps taken and documentation affected if the change was to be implemented
5) How to minimise the effects of the change to other unrelated project areas.

By following this structured approach to change management, we can work hand in hand with the relevant project stakeholders to manage their expectations with regards to change, gain their feedback and input during implementation and contribute to the eventual success of the project.

Iteration Date Type Change Request Change Description Issued By Decision Action Taken Status of Request
3 14/06/17 Scope Shreyas Addition of functionality in line with expansion of X-Factor Scoping Following a meeting with the project supervisor, it was recommended that the scope be revised and expanded to include more novel X Factor Ideas in order to set our project apart. Addition of innovative X-Factor Ideas Chatbot and NLP development, as well as Geospatial analytics development was added to the scope Closed
6 28/07/17 Tooling Jaren Request to switch used tooling from Microsoft Xamarin to Apache Cordova due to plugin incompatibility Request issued on the grounds that utilised more familiar using standard web stack (HTML + CSS + JS3) which increased familiarity with development and ease for testing and debugging. No change was taken due to preference of the sponsor No action was taken Closed
7 11/08/17 Scope Shreyas/Jaren Request to drop Wearables Integration In line with our X – Factor, the team initially intended to develop integration with wearables. However, after considering the prevalence of wearable technology within Sembcorp employees and upon further discussion with the sponsor, the team felt that it did not add substantial value. Wearables Integration Task to be removed Development will continue as per normal without the inclusion of the wearables integration task Closed