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Project Progress Summary

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Project Highlights

Project Progress Summary

  • Project Highlight 1: Our sponsor company has temporarily paused its trading operations following MAS announcement to draw up regulations to regulate block chain related investment.
    • What we did:Our team has since changed our X-factors in terms of performance measurement, process efficiency and automating the whole secondary trade market.

  • Project Highlight 2: Based on Sponsor feedback, they are concerned if normal investors find it difficult to understand the business logic for this application.
    • What we did: Our team has self-proposed to add AI Help Bot (Natural Language Processing) so that their questions can be easily solved.

  • Project Highlight 3:Our team is not able to obtain required APIs for one of the primary functions as Sponsor cited sensitivity of the documents.
    • What we did:We have decided to remove "Investment Module"

Project Management

Project Status

Citadel Status Update.png

Project Schedule

Iteration Modules Scope Status
2 Account Module Core Fully deployed and tested. User testing done
2 Order Matching Module Core Will be completed by Iteration 4
3 Account Module Core Fully deployed and tested. User testing done.
3 Usability Module (AI Help Bot) Tertiary Included Help Page and Multiple Language. Will be completed by end of Iteration 8
3 Order Matching Module Core Will be completed by Iteration 4
4 Trading Module Core Completed
4 Order Matching Module Core Completed
4 Portfolio Module Core Completed
8 Portfolio Module Core Completed
8 Notification Module Secondary Will be completed by Iteration 13
9 Analytics Module Good to have 70% Completion
9 Order Matching Module Add-ons Will be completed by Iteration 12
11 Multi Language Module Tertiary Completed
11 Filter Module Tertiary Will be completed by Iteration 13
12 Order Matching Module Add-ons Will be completed by Iteration 12

Current Project Schedule
Midterm current schedule.png

Brief Summary of Actual Vs Planned Schedule (After Acceptance Test)
Iteration 1 to Iteration 7

  • Everything went as planned. First few iterations include documentations, gathering of user requirements and Account, Usability, and Order Matching module. Debugging sessions went on as planned after UAT 1.

Iteration 8

  • Changed to include Analytics module which includes creating dashboards for Portfolio and Trading. Removed Portfolio module as the team have finished this module in advance. Analytics is a new module self-proposed by the team after supervisor's feedback from our weekly meetings.

Iteration 9

  • Changed to include Multiple Language, Notification module and Usability module. Removed Analytics module as we have completed earlier than expected. Removed order matching module(Target to complete before Iteration 13) and investment module (Due to temporary stop in primary and secondary trading amidst of MAS Regulations).

*Iteration 10

  • Changed to include Analytics module with addition of "Prediction Analytics" as per recommendation from our supervisor from our weekly meetings

Planned Project Schedule (Acceptance)

Fundplaces Project Timeline ver3.png

Project Metrics Chart

Citadel projmngtcharts.png

Task Score = (Actual Task/ Planned Task)x100%
Midterm Citadel Task Metric.PNG

Project Risks

Past Risk:

Risk Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan
Project team members are new to Node.js environment, hence they might exceed the time scheduled for development.




  • Allocate more programming session, and code sharing, use pessimistic approach

Current Risks:

Risk Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan
Regulatory Requirement. Using block chain to perform real estate investment and trading is a relatively new business idea.




  • Team and sponsors are actively observing the situation amidst MAS regulations so that we can respond to new regulatory standards promptly.
Client Management. Sponsors might change their requirements as they are exploring together with us.




  • Team to stay proactive about the potential changes and communicate frequently with the sponsors.
Project Management. It is a new business model leveraging on latest technology, hence there might be misunderstandings about the business requirements.




  • Schedule more meetings with our sponsors and do more research to get a deeper understanding of the requirements.
Technical Complexities


Architecture Diagram

Citadel Technologies.png
Citadel TechnologiesUsed.png

Quality of product

Immediate Deliverables

Topic of Interest Link
Project Management Minutes
Risk Management
Change Management
Project Overview Project Overview
Project Documentation Use Case
Architecture Diagram


User Testing 1


  • View deals from primary and secondary market
  • Add a new Buy/Sell order
  • Accept a new Buy/Sell
  • View Trade Portfolio
  • Cancel an order
  • View history
  • Able to change password

Citadel UAT Before.png

Function Changes made
Accept Order Changed "Accept" button to "Sell" and "Buy" to differentiate
Color Scheme Changed to a more elegant, less dazzling color scheme
Login Changed frontend spinner code accordingly
Security Included Touch ID Verification for users before proceeding any confirmation of purchases
Chat bot Developed a chat bot within the app to answer/direct user queries, providing almost instantaneous reply.
Analytics Included a analytics chart showing the past performance of a certain deal or a user's portfolio investment performance to provide better insights. Future pending development include predictive analysis.
UI/UX More intuitive outlook at "Find Deals" in Primary and Secondary Market.
Multi-Language Provided more language option apart from English. Included Simplified Chinese Version in the application.

Citadel UAT after.png

User Testing 2

Venue: SIS GSR 2-2
Time: 4pm-7pm
Number of participants: 20

Citadel UAT2.png

Citadel UAT2charts.png

Summary of Key Findings:

Function Users' Behavior Changes to be Made
Cancel Order User suggested to add touch ID for cancel order We will include touch ID for cancel order
Place New Order When user placed a new order, there are some overlap in that page We will fix the problem by changing front-end code
Balance Page The chart to display the lock balance and available balance is confusing We will add explanation in the chart
Drawer for IOS When user change to simplified Chinese version, IOS version's drawer is not translated We faced some difficulties on this issue and we will fix it before finals
Login First time login fail will cause the second time login to have the same pop up information even when login is successful We will fix the problem by changing front-end code
Terms and Condition Users try to click the terms and conditions but it cannot work We will add the terms and conditions link
Help Page The keyboard cannot be dismissed after typing We will fix the problem by changing front-end code
Help Bot Some users feel the bot is not very useful We will keep training the bot and make it smarter

Team Reflection

Team Reflection:
Communication with our Sponsors and Supervisor is very important in order for our team to keep align with the requirements and to avoid mismatch of expectations. This is especially so during this time period where we are expecting and anticipating changes from MAS regulations which directly impact the operations of our sponsor company. Our team has set out clear communications and in frequent contact, meetings with sponsors and supervisors.

Shangguan Yajie:
Doing a project with new business idea is very challenging, I need identify the risk and have proper plan to deal with the risk. And also the stakeholder management is very important and I learnt a lot from this experience.

Vivian Quark:
Conducting user testings can be challenging sometimes because every individuals may have different interpretations and understanding of our application. This resulted in the need to convey required changes with my team's developers in order to enhance user friendliness. There were some discussions and debating on certain new functionalities within the team but everyone did it for the betterment and improvement of the application.

Qi Zhen Yi:
During this midterm, as I have already picked up the skills before acceptance, there are not much technical challenges actually. The only challenge is meeting expectation of the team. While designing for wiki pages, I often followed my own way and sometimes people’s preferences are different. So I learnt to communicate with the team more to ask for feedback and try to resolve at early stage.

Xu Jia Wen:
I learnt from our user testing and sponsor, supervisor feedback and came up with innovative ideas to improve user experience. I also learnt collaboration is a key to a successful project.

After the last major milestone, I got my hands on even more amazing technologies and frameworks such as emailers. Working with our sponsor, we also optimized our workflow and I gained valuable insights on how an order-matching process should be properly executed. I also learned that server security is paramout and got an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and inplementation of various IT security measures such as HTTP signatures. Although we faced challenges, by working closely within ourselves and with our sponsor we managed to overcome them and make ourselves a more resilient team.

From acceptance to Midterm, our project has moved forward a lot. During this period, I tried to improve the UI and most of the base structure to improve the performance. I realized that making a fully functional app is easy, but making an perfect app is hard, especially when we are new to certain framework. Even though the changes at frontend may not be significant to the user, but much underneath work need to be done to deliver the perfect user experience.