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Project Progress Summary

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Project Highlights

Project Progress Summary
  • Top 4 Achievements:
    • 1. Completed User Guide for Lab Session
    • 2. Completed Prediction Analysis and Search Deals Functions
    • 3. Included Google Analytics into FundPlaces application to monitor application usage
    • 4. iOS Test version released and iPhone users may now download the application with the redeem code

  • Top 2 Challenges:
    • 1. Notification function for iOS is difficult to implement the Team Citadel is focusing the remaining time in the remaining iterations to resolve this hurdle
    • 2. Algorithm implementation is difficult.

Project Management

Project Status


Current Project Schedule

Finals current schedule.png

Planned Project Schedule (Mid Term Review)

Fundplaces Project Timeline ver3.png

Project Metrics Chart

Citadel projmngtcharts.png

Citadel projmngtcharts1.png

Task Score = (Actual Task/ Planned Task)x100%
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Project Risks

Past Risk (At Acceptance):

Risk Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan
Project team members are new to Node.js environment, hence they might exceed the time scheduled for development.




  • Allocate more programming session, and code sharing, use pessimistic approach

Past Risks (By iteration 9):

Risk Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan
Regulatory Requirement. Using block chain to perform real estate investment and trading is a relatively new business idea.




  • Team and sponsors are actively observing the situation amidst MAS regulations so that we can respond to new regulatory standards promptly.
Client Management. Sponsors might change their requirements as they are exploring together with us.




  • Team to stay proactive about the potential changes and communicate frequently with the sponsors.
Project Management. It is a new business model leveraging on latest technology, hence there might be misunderstandings about the business requirements.




  • Schedule more meetings with our sponsors and do more research to get a deeper understanding of the requirements.

Past Risks (After Midterms):

Risk Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan
Lack of Finance Knowledge which is required to develop the main functionalities of the application & essentially predictive analytics chart




  • Schedule more time to self learn the basics required for predictive analytics chart. Consult experts on clarity. Conduct more user testings on this function to get more insights to user's understanding and behavior
Technical Complexities


Architecture Diagram

Citadel Technologies.png
Citadel TechnologiesUsed.png

Quality of product

Immediate Deliverables

Topic of Interest Link
Project Management Minutes
Risk Management
Change Management
Project Overview Project Overview
Project Documentation Use Case
Architecture Diagram

User Testing 1

User Testing 1


  • View deals from primary and secondary market
  • Add a new Buy/Sell order
  • Accept a new Buy/Sell
  • View Trade Portfolio
  • Cancel an order
  • View history
  • Able to change password

Citadel UAT Before.png

Function Changes made
Accept Order Changed "Accept" button to "Sell" and "Buy" to differentiate
Color Scheme Changed to a more elegant, less dazzling color scheme
Login Changed frontend spinner code accordingly
Security Included Touch ID Verification for users before proceeding any confirmation of purchases
Chat bot Developed a chat bot within the app to answer/direct user queries, providing almost instantaneous reply.
Analytics Included a analytics chart showing the past performance of a certain deal or a user's portfolio investment performance to provide better insights. Future pending development include predictive analysis.
UI/UX More intuitive outlook at "Find Deals" in Primary and Secondary Market.
Multi-Language Provided more language option apart from English. Included Simplified Chinese Version in the application.

Citadel UAT after.png

User Testing 2

User Testing 2

Venue: SIS GSR 2-2
Time: 4pm-7pm
Number of participants: 20

Citadel UAT2.png

Citadel UAT2charts.png

Summary of Key Findings:

Function Users' Behavior Changes to be Made
Cancel Order User suggested to add touch ID for cancel order We will include touch ID for cancel order
Place New Order When user placed a new order, there are some overlap in that page We will fix the problem by changing front-end code
Balance Page The chart to display the lock balance and available balance is confusing We will add explanation in the chart
Drawer for IOS When user change to simplified Chinese version, IOS version's drawer is not translated We faced some difficulties on this issue and we will fix it before finals
Login First time login fail will cause the second time login to have the same pop up information even when login is successful We will fix the problem by changing front-end code
Terms and Condition Users try to click the terms and conditions but it cannot work We will add the terms and conditions link
Help Page The keyboard cannot be dismissed after typing We will fix the problem by changing front-end code
Help Bot Some users feel the bot is not very useful We will keep training the bot and make it smarter

User Testing 3

User Testing 3

Venue: SIS GSR 2-4
Date: 10th November 2017
Time: 4pm-5.30pm
Number of participants: 10
Scope (Trial preparation for our UAT on 14th November 2017)

  • View deals from primary and secondary market
  • Add a new Buy/Sell order
  • Accept a new Buy/Sell
  • View Trade Portfolio
  • Cancel an order
  • View history
  • Able to change password

Function Changes to be made
iOS User feedback that iOS drawer does not support multi-language
Alert Messages When user received alerts, the language did not change according to the selected preferred language
Operation timeout error message Some users experienced extended period of timeout but did not receive error message to notify them

User Acceptance Test

User Acceptance Test

Venue: SIS GSR 2-1
Time: 12pm-1pm
Number of participants: 33
You can download our User Guide and Lab Questionaire


Summary of User Behavior:
User Overview


Screens Overview


Session Data Overview


User Behavior Overview


Summary of Key Findings (To be updated once TA of Retail Banking class sends us lab documents uploaded to DropBox by students):

Function Users' Behavior Changes to be Made

Handover Meeting

Handover Meeting with Sponsor at FundPlaces Office

Handover (Citadel).jpg

Team Citadel met up with our sponsor at FundPlaces office to discuss about FYP handover. Sponsor expressed great satisfaction to our end product of the application and will endorse their full support in signing off the testings we conducted over the past 3 months to ensure functionalities are all good to be push to production once MAS regulations are cleared.

Team Reflection

Team Reflection:
Communication with our Sponsors and Supervisor is very important in order for our team to keep align with the requirements and to avoid mismatch of expectations. This is especially so during this time period where we are expecting and anticipating changes from MAS regulations which directly impact the operations of our sponsor company. Our team has set out clear communications and in frequent contact, meetings with sponsors and supervisors.

Shangguan Yajie:
Through this project, I have learnt the following:

  • As a project manager, I understand the importance of stakeholder management and planning and also I need to always have backup plans and be flexible when changes occurs.
  • As a team, we need to adapt to different working styles and sometimes compromise is necessary
  • It is very importance to conduct different testing in different stages and getting users' feedback.

Vivian Quark:
This FYP have taught me about Murphy's law- If something can go wrong, it can go wrong. There are numerous hiccups along the way and I have learnt how to manage user's expectations,sponsor's expectations and team's expectations. User testings gave great insights on how we can further improve our applications and the team have always been committed of continuous learning and continuous improvement. I have learnt how important it is in putting user empathy first in any functionalities or user interfaces we develop. Secondly, there is a need to constantly gather feedback and do research on consumer behavior, to think in their perspective and to discover what terminologies/functionalities they may find it difficult to understand. It has been a great learning experience to collect these qualitative and quantitative data and correlate them to customer journey, application performance and business outcomes.

Qi Zhen Yi:
Through this whole journey of FYP, I have picked up valuable skills which could only be learnt with such experiences and the team. There were many mind blowing nights and days which we spent as a group and achieved our milestone. And finally we are here. As an individual, not only I have picked up design, technical and financial knowledge through out the journey. The most challenging and fulfilling experience for me is always meeting expectation of the team. While I first started my role as app designer, I prefer to follow my own way and not willing to easily give in for others’ preferences. So at the time, it was tough for me. However, I was glad that despite all the differences, we still managed to work as a team and learn to communicate with others. I also learnt to be more proactive and ask more for feedbacks and try to resolve any issues at early stage. Really glad we made it through and did our best as a team.

Xu Jia Wen:
We could have gone for a safer choice for this FYP but we didn't. We wanted to do something more innovative, more industry-related in a real-world context. So except all the cutting-edge technologies we learnt for this project, I learnt how to deal with challenges and deal with difficult people. We did face many challenges and hit some bumps during the journey. But we managed to get through all of them and bounced back stronger. And I think all the challenges we faced in this project , such as MAS regulation issue and non-compatible technology issue, do happen a lot in real life. And all these invaluable experiences will definitely help me in my future career.

After the last major milestone, I took a deeper dive in to analytics and code performance optimization. We worked as a group and came up with ways to make our code more efficient. I also learned how to modularize Javascript code with closures, for better readability and modularity. Although we faced challenges, by working closely within ourselves and with our sponsor we managed to overcome them.

This Final Year Project has been a great journey, I am fully exposed to the new technologies such as react-native and managed to master it eventually. At the beginning, I feel foreign to React-native because I am a native Android developer. However, my perspective towards React-native changes as I realized it is a powerful framework. Similar to AngularJS, react-native is also written in JS(X) and has the concept of one-way binding.

I feel that it is revolutionary as it saves a lot of time dedicated in development phase. During the last hurdle of our project, I encountered what I considered as the biggest issue in FYP which is, React-native has its own limitation in functions like web-socket. After much tries and struggles, I decided to convert and do it as a hybrid app. From this, I learnt we should not just rely on one tech because sometimes hybrid is better!

As the main front-end developer, I shoulder a huge responsibility in UI/UX. However, one shortcoming is that I have not take IDP classes yet and UI is proven to be challenging to me at the start. With the help from Jia Wen, we managed to revamp our UI and make it extraordinary! Team work is essentially important especially when we meet with challenges and solidarity makes our group to be outstanding!