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Description of technologies used

Development Tools
RubyMine Sirius rubymine.png IDE which provide intelligent code completion for Ruby and Ruby on Rails projects.
Source Tree Sirius sourcetree.png Git client for Mac and Windows that provides graphical interface for Git repository.
Tortoise Git Sirius tortoisegit.png Git client for Mac and Windows that provides graphical interface for Git repository.
Tower Sirius tower.png Git client for Mac that provides graphical interface for Git repository.
Ruby on Rails Sirius ror.png Web application framework used to develop our project.
HTML5 Sirius html.png Markup language used for structuring and presenting content of the application.
CSS3 Sirius css.png Style sheet language used to describe the presentation of the application.
Telegram Sirius telegram.png Multi-platform instant messaging application which is used to update sponsor and product owner on team progress and queries.
Outlook Sirius outlook.png Application used to schedule meetings with supervisor and sponsor, as well as, sending important documents.
Trello Sirius trello.png Collaboration tool that allows team to have an overview on what's being worked on, who's working on what and the progress of different tasks at a glance.
GitHub Sirius github.png Web-based repository which provides version control and source code management.
Google Drive Sirius gdrive.png Shared cloud storage which allows the team to store and share project documents.
Design Tools
Photoshop Sirius photoshop.png Tool used for designing project required graphics.
Illustrator Sirius illustrator.png Tool used for designing team logo.
Axure Sirius axure.gif Tool used for creating wireframes of the application user interface
Google Docs Sirius gdocs.png Tool used to prepare project documents.
Google Slides Sirius gslides.png Tool used to prepare presentation slides.
Google Sheets Sirius gsheets.png Tool used to generate sprint velocity, burndown charts and sprint stories.

Goals Types

Goals Types Goal conversion occurs if...
Engagement User clicks at least once, anywhere on the page (Link, button, form, empty space…)
Click User clicks on specified element(s)
Page scroll User scrolls to x% or more down the screen
Page dwell User is active on the site for x sec or more(key press, click, move cursor, scroll with 30 sec timeout)
Custom User’s own code calls the trackCustomGoal() function

Architecture Diagram

Sirius architect diagram.png

Workflow Diagram

Sirius workflow.png

Snippet Diagram

Snippet Flow

caption Snippet part

Sirius sinppet flow.png

Snippet code: <script src="http://sirius.lol/accounts/snippet?id=2"/>
1. Retrieve/generate Unique ID (UID) from browser cookie 1455269119724_0.276202306849882
2. Retrieve/assign Variations for running Experiments {"16": 32}
3. Check Experiment target URL http://www.centralclinic.com.sg
4. Apply Variations to page:

  $(".nivo-imageLink > img")
   .attr("src", "img/open24hours-red.jpg");

5. Attach Goal handlers

 {"id":34, "name":"Health Screening banner", 

ER Diagram

Sirius er.png