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Sirius risk matrix v1.png
  • Risks categorise as HIGH require immediate attention. They are high in impact level and high in probability of occurrence.
  • Risks categorise as MEDIUM require moderate attention. They have a medium impact level and occur on an occasional basis.
  • Risks categorise as LOW require the least attention. They have a low impact level and occasionally or rarely occur.
  • Risks categorise as NONE require no attention.

Potential Risks

  • These risks have not occurred. Our team will take the necessary actions to mitigate the risks.
Risk Type Risk Event Likelihood Impact Mitigation
Technical Risk Team is not proficient with project technologies, i.e. Rails, JavaScript High High Team members are to familiarise themselves with the required technology before and during sprint 1
Technical Risk High technical complexity in collecting page element changes, and modifying pages quickly during page load High High Closely study existing solutions’ feature sets and compromises
Technical Risk Cloud services and tooling unavailable, e.g. Github, Travis CI Medium Medium Ensure local tooling is available and on standby (e.g. local Git branches, spare flash drives)
Resource Risk Computer breakdown, as 2 team members are using old (>3 year) laptops Medium High Team members to ensure that changes are pushed to the remote repository at end of day
Resource Risk Cloud services and tooling unavailable, e.g. Github, Travis CI Medium Medium Ensure local branches are kept updated
Resource Risk Unable to find users to test our application Medium Medium Start sourcing for users early by sharing it via social media or emailing companies
Technical Risk Unable to develop WYSIWYG editor due to its high complexity High Medium Active feasibility checks and notify sponsor if there is a need to rescope the function