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Team members(from left to right):Chiang Fong, Alex, Kathy, Kenny, Lai Ho

Team Member Role Responsibilities
Kathy Scrum Master and Deputy Frontend Developer
  • Work with supervisor
  • Manage scrum process and project schedule
  • Manage team wiki
  • Assist with development of application frontend
Kenny Devops and Frontend Developer
  • Lead development of application frontend
  • Determine overall look and feel of application
  • Plan and maintain deployment workflow and infrastructure
  • Assist with development of application frontend
Chiang Fong Lead Developer
  • Coordinate overall development
  • Lead development of client-side Javascript component
  • Plan overall system architecture and technologies
Lai Ho Quality assurance and Deputy Backend Developer
  • Assist with development of Rails backend application
  • Lead planning and execution of user tests
  • Ensure overall user experience
Alex Backend Developer and Deputy Scrum Master
  • Lead development of Rails backend application
  • Drive automated testing
  • Assist in managing scrum process
  • Coordinate meetings with sponsor