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Risk Matrix

Impact Likelihood
Level High Medium Low
High A A B
Medium A B C
Low B C C

Risk Management

Risk Type Risk Description Impact Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan
Project Management Risk Uneven distribution of workload. Project will be potentially delayed due to poor team synergy leading to uncooperative team members. High High A Project Manager to ensure that members make up for the hours during iterations where they contributed lesser (in terms of hours) due to heavier commitments.
Technical Risk Team is unfamiliar with technology used (react.js, node.js, mocha, chai, etc) Project will be potentially delayed due to inaccurate estimates of time required for development. Higher probability of bugs. High High A Lead developer will lead research and discuss with the team. Project Manager to allocate more time to this task. Developers to spend time doing tutorials before beginning with development.
Project Management Risk Unable to get VersaFleet users to test our application due to their packed schedule. Unable to get feedback from actual users and hence affect the usability of the system. High High A Project Manager to get logistics-field users doing similar work to VersaFleet users to provide feedback for our application.
Project Risk Delay in availability of APIs with necessary data to us, such as API with Delivery Fulfillment Rate data. Project could be potentially delayed due to a delay in development of graphs and tables which are then used for Customer Module. Medium High A Project Manager to give sponsor datelines so that sponsor has sufficient time to gather information and provide them to us.
Project Risk Delay in getting business information such as cost and revenue composition. Major changes to be made in existing graphs and tables could potentially delay project. Medium High A Project Manager to give sponsor a dateline to respond to us.
External Risk Client is unable to clearly articulate requirements for application. Possible mismatch in application and user expectations. Medium Low C Conduct user testing with paper prototypes prior to development and get client's approval before proceeding with development.