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Roles & Responsibilities Learning Outcomes

Photo Name & Role Learning Outcomes
Team ProgneSIS Karen.jpg Karen LIM Wen Yan
Project Manager
"I strive to enhance my communication skills and my management of the different expectations of stakeholders involved through this full project cycle. I hope to be able to plan effectively ahead and respond appropriately to changes."
Team ProgneSIS Minh.jpg VU Hoang Minh
Technical Lead
"I strive to manage team members effectively, enhance user experience through observations and product testing and improve my proficiency in JavaScript and React/Express/Node.js frameworks."
Team ProgneSIS Claudia.jpg FOONG Pui Shuen, Claudia
Front End Developer
"I strive to adapt efficiently in the face of changes and challenges, learn to appreciate and develop an aesthetic yet intuitive UI to enhance user experience, enrich myself as a team player and gain more insight into working with industrial partners effectively."
Team ProgneSIS Eva.jpg Eva TAN Guan Hua
Quality Assurance Lead
"I hope to gain satisfaction in designing mock-ups for UI, effectively implement testing frameworks such as mochajs and chaijs as well as enhance communication skills with the various stakeholders involved."
Team ProgneSIS Yixuan.jpg GOH Yi Xuan
Back End Developer
"I aspire to effectively implement JavaScript for back-end work, design and analyse architecture with noSQL databases effectively and leverage on IT solutions to achieve business objectives."
Team ProgneSIS Jason.jpg NGUYEN LUONG Thanh Minh (Jason)
Back End Developer
"I strive to effectively analyse problems and design suitable IT solutions, enhance my ability to work with others within a team, effectively communicating and computing ideas - both verbal and written."