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Project Info

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Project Idea
Tictacts is an Android contacts app for our target users, Financial Consultants, to get better with contacts. Our integration with notes & tasks helps users to reduce clutter, save time & manage the increasing number of contacts on-the-go. Other features include hashtags, OCR, SR, and NLP. Our X-factors are 20 users, 50 downloads, and increase in productivity from 80% of users.

Project Aim
We aim to conduct market research and then take the Singapore Financial Consultants market. Find out more about our X-factors in our X-Factors page

More detailed project info can found Project Overview page

Project Status

Current Iteration: 16

Current Iteration Start Date: 16 April 2016 (Saturday)

Current Iteration End Date: 22 April 2016 (Friday)

Team Deliverables for Current Iteration :

  • Final Presentation

Overall Project Completion Status: 100%

Project Milestones

Proposal Submission: 19/10/15

Acceptance: 3/11/15

Midterm: 24/02/16

Poster Submission: 28/03/16

Final Presentation: 19/04/16

Poster Day: 22/04/16