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Category Description Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation
Technical Little familiarity with Android and iOS development, hence risk facing difficulties in developing the application. High High A Project Manager: Ensure that team has enough time to learn the language. Allocated 4 weeks to learn the language.

Lead Developer: Advise PM on the respective action to take regarding the learning curve of the language. Assist weaker coders to grasp the language efficiently

Quality Assurance: To look through at web resources available that may assist the team in learning the language. Advise PM if the team requires more resources to be requested to aid in the learning

Business Analyst: Be in close communication with client and update them on team's learning process and progress

Technical API server may crash at anytime during the iteration High High A Project Manager: If server downtime is more than 24 hours, eat into buffer days for extra coding sessions and inform clients immediately of the changes in timeline

Lead Developer: Contact client immediately to notify them of the failure with the API server

Business Analyst: Be in close communication with client and update them on team's progress

Project Management Unexpected change or growth of scope Medium High A Project Manager: Adjust the schedule accordingly and review with team if changes in requirements can be met within the timeframe set. Scoping is to be done clearly with use case diagrams, as well as low-fidelity and hi-fidelity prototypes, to ensure sponsors and our team is on the same page. Additionally, PM is to inform supervisor immediately about change and update the wiki page

Lead Developer: Update PM the progress of the change requirements being set into notion

Quality Assurance: Log down the change in change management and update wiki page

Business Analyst: Be in constant communication with our clients and regularly review our scope with them. Inform clients immediately if the team runs into any errors and requires assistance

Technical Little familiarity with the oAuth framework to pull and write APIs Medium High A Lead Developer: Spend a valuable amount of time per week to research and read up on the framework. Have weekly session with the team to teach them what you have learnt over the week

Business Analyst: To keep in close communication with client to gain insights at any point where the team is unsure of the usage of this framework

Human More than half the team is unable to turn up for meetings due to unforeseen circumstances Medium Medium B Project Manager : Notify team members 3 days before meetings and planned for days where the team is unable to make it. Have constant reviews with team to unsure that team is able to commit fully during the time allocated for meetings

Team : Manager their time properly and be responsible enough to allocate time for team meetings

Security Application Misuse by Target Audience Low High B Frontend Developer: Ensure that the program doesnt contain any exploits

Quality Assurance: Cater more UT to ensure that program cannot be exploited by users