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Category Description Likelihood Impact Mitigation
Technology Unfamiliar with Android mobile technology and Spring framework High High Project Manager: Arrange for crash course and update team members of available online resources.

Backend Developer: Find out how much effort is needed in Android Development and advise the Project Manager in future planning of schedules.

Team Resources Team members may fall sick or laptops may crash Medium Medium All members: Always duplicate a copy of documentation or code in dropbox, to ensure at least one working copy.

Project Manager: To keep RWS Sponsor updated regularly and ensure that frontend and backend codes are up to date.

Client Resources Inaccessibility of client servers High High Project Manager: Tap onto school resources for the time being until client provides the green light to shift to client side server.
Project Management Functions might change over time as RWS might have new features to suggest Medium Medium Project Manager: Adjust schedule with necessary changes whenever new functions come in. Seek opinions from team members as to whether new scope is manageable.
Scheduling Difficult to measure complexity of tasks and the necessary effort required Medium Medium Project Manager: Conduct review of approximation via schedule metrics at end of every iteration.