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Soft Launch Details

  • Date: 2 February 2016
  • Venue: Balestier Hill Secondary School

Soft Launch Objective

  • Determine if user/admin interface is intuitive
  • Discover usability problem which users/admin might face
  • Gather feedback from users about the web application

Scope of Soft Launch

  • User
    • Facebook login
    • Submit "At Home" Eco Action
    • Submit "As A Consumer" Eco Action
    • Submit "In The Community" Eco Action
    • View user statistics (My Account Page and Statistics Page)
    • View news
    • View events
    • View Eco Action history
    • View Reward Catalogue
    • Claim reward

Soft Launch Participants

  • 19 Secondary School Students from Green Club

Uat1.jpg Uat2.jpg Uat33.jpg Uat5.jpg

Soft Launch Study Task

  • The participant was asked to complete the following as a User:
    • Submit an Eco Action
    • Look for a specific Event in the Event page
    • Look for a specific News in the News page
    • Edit his Profile Page
    • Try claiming a reward

Soft Launch Feedback

As A User Likes Dislikes
User Interface 1. Navigating around the Web Application is relatively easy 1. Fonts can be hard to read, especially for Events and News
2. The links for the news and events are not clickable.
3. Social Media layout is not pleasing to the eyes.
3. Instagram posts only have pictures and they lack the username and the captions.
4. Event and News layout can be better.
Functionality 1. Actions can be submitted easily without any trouble 1. Events that are over are still being displayed.

Changes Implemented

Changes Made Remarks
Change in Social Media display layout UT2.2.png