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Use Case diagram

Codex use case.png

(*blue represent functions for Customer, light blue represents functions for Admin)

Module Sub Function Description
User Management Module Register user account Allow customer to register an account
User Management Module Update user information Allow customer to update their personal information
User Management Module Login/logout of the system Allow customer to login or logout the website
User Management Module View order history/status Allow customer to view their order history and status
Order Management Module Add to wishlist Allow customer to add a certain product into wishlist
Order Management Module Add to cart Allow customer to add a certain product into cart
Order Management Module Process Payment Allow customer to make a payment
Order Management Module Generate invoice Allow admin staff to generate an invoice for each order
Order Management Module Print shipping labels Allow admin staff to print shipping labels for selected orders together
Order Management Module Display order history Allow admin staff to view all the order history( by current day, 7 days, month, year, all)
Product Management Module View product by category Allow customer to view product by different category
Product Management Module Provide feedback Allow customer to add feedback for a certain product
Product Management Module Perform sort of products Allow customer to sort product list by price and name.
Product Management Module Perform filter function Allow customer to filter the product list by price range and brand
Product Management Module Perform google search of product Allow customer search on google engine directly
Product Management Module Add/update/delete products Allow admin staff to manage products( add new products, update existing product information or remove existing products)
Product Management Module Create/update/delete category Allow admin staff to manage categories( add new category update existing category information or remove existing category)
Customer Relationship Management Module Recommend products to customer Allow customer to view recommended products(best sellers, cross recommend products)
Customer Relationship Management Module Link to Facebook Allow customer to link to Crystal Natural Product Facebook home page
Customer Relationship Management Module Generate coupon Allow admin staff to customized a coupon and send to target customers
Customer Relationship Management Module Send invitation new register with coupon Allow admin staff to send coupon to new customers.
Customer Relationship Management Module Display customer information Allow admin staff to view all the customer information
Coupon Analysis Module Display coupon information Allow admin staff to view all the coupon information
Coupon Analysis Module Perform coupon analysis Allow admin staff to view the coupon usage
Inventory Management Module Display low stock warning Inform admin staff went a certain product’s stock level goes low
Inventory Management Module Filter inventory by category/stock level All the admin staff to view the products by category/ stock level.

System Architecture

Codex System Architecture.png