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Summary of User Test 2

Time Period: 13th September 2016 - 26th September 2016
Total Number of Users: 38
Venue: Off-Site (At respective members' discretion)
Duration: 30 Minutes/user + 10 Minutes Pre/Post-testing - Refer to UT2 Doc


  • Identify key usability issues in current application (As guided by experienced users of similar C2C platforms)
  • Gather feedback from key demographics about the viability of our application (in contrast to available platforms)
  • Improve current application if any bugs/critical flaws are spotted
  • Access interest from users about utilizing MaiMai in the future
  • Improve upon the design, speed and usability of the application


  • Accounts & Login (Includes profile)
  • Listing (Seller)
  • Transaction (Buyer/Seller)
  • Chat
  • Review
  • Dispute Filing
  • Payment

A total of 38 users were recruited from friends and family members. These users are validated to have some experience dealing with C2C


  • Users are tested off-site over a communication platform (like skype) to guide users and observe them while they do the UT. Each user process takes 30 minutes + 10 minutes (pre/post-test)
  • Both mobile and computers are acceptable to test the platform, and standardized testing will be issues only in UT2.

What do users look for?

  • 1) User-friendly
  • 2) Simple design
  • 3) More images
  • 4) Optimal, accurate representation of the product
  • 5) Price comparison
  • 6) Seller reputation or warnings, better feedback system
  • 7) No fees
  • 8) Ability to message sellers, good communication system
  • 9) Good search function and categorization of listings
  • 10) Leaderboard charts, customization
  • 11) Distinguishing roles

Summary and Results:

The top issues highlighted in the RawData were:
No: Issue: Number of Users: Key Category:
1. Notifications were not easily recognized by users 16 Notification/Chat Notification
2 Edit Profile very Unintuitive 10 Editing of profile/settings
3 Add button is not intuitive 8 Picture adding/upload (3 sections - chat, listing, dispute)
4 Agreements button cannot find/Cannot find offer as on agreements page 7 Chat display
5 Picture Uploading 6 Picture

Good Points highlighted:
No: Point: Number of users:
1 Agreements function good idea 3
2 Good as many e-commerce face difficulties 2
3 Overall experience is good, simplistic and easy 1
4 Private and public section is good 1
5 Chat is simple and nice 1
6 Login and Register were simple 1
7 Dashboard simplistic, allows easy navigation 1
8 Notification does show multiple interests 1
9 Overall colour chosen, the font size and every design are good 1

Main Issues with each category:
Issue: Number of Users: Suggestions:
Edit Profile very unintuitive 10
  • 1. Upload/Edit profile pic should be placed next to icon
  • 2. Should be edited on profile page instead of settings
  • 3. Consider custom avatars for profile pic
Listing (Seller):
Issue: Number of Users: Suggestions:
Add button is not intuitive 8
  • 1. Reduce the number of buttons to press (Just remove it?)
  • 2. Should move position of add button below or change naming to "Submit" or "Update"
Issue: Number of Users: Suggestions:
Agreements button cannot find 4
  • 1. Fix the entire display system (Images, listing title and agreements should be on a single page). Name of listing should be in quick-chat bar (2 users)
  • 2. Description is least impt to seller - Main product image, prices and agreements are more impt
  • 3. Place header names on tags if necessary to segregate as such
  • 4. Don't understand the tabs in chat in the first place
Issue: Number of Users: Suggestions:
Hard to file a dispute, unintuitive 3
  • 1. Hard to file dispute, especially with non-review disputes. Try making the buttons more obvious
  • 2. Dispute buttons should be larger and have more explanation to them
Dispute has no explanation 4
  • 1. Explanation on how dispute will be settled and how long it will take
  • 2. Clear explanation must be given on the verdict
  • 3. Design of website needs to emphasize the importance it has on dispute to have a leg-up on other platforms
  • 4. FAQ/Q&A
  • 5. System convos should be provided to give hints of how to utilize the platform
Buyer (Transaction):
Issue: Number of Users: Suggestions:
Buyer may not understand the nuances to what he is agreeing to in agreement 2
  • 1. FAQ/Q&A
  • 2. System convo to explain
  • 3. Place it in the chat to make it very obvious that there are agreements to be agreed to
Issue: Number of Users: Suggestions:
Efficiency is not a good review category 5
  • 1. FAQ/Q&A
  • 2. System convo to explain functions
  • 3. Remove the category "Efficiency" totally
  • 4. Rename to "Timeliness" or "Responsiveness"
  • 5. Examples and explanation for "Efficiency" (And other categories)
Issue: Number of Users: Suggestions:
Notifications are not easily recognized by user 16
  • 1. Notification timing (Timeline) has to be in sequence
  • 2. Word spacing are too close
  • 3. Should not be black in colour
  • 4. Should have numbers (6 users)
  • 5. Pop-up for notifications (2 users)
  • 6. Sound for notifications (2 users)
  • 7. Messages notification should be separate
  • 8. Screen showing chat should pop out

Other features to note:
Issue: Number of Users: Suggestions: Category:
Unable to adjust picture 5
  • 1. Without scaling, if user is in extreme left/right, might be cut out of the picture
  • 2. Basic editing like cropping will be useful
Image Detail
User should be redirected to dashboard or login page after registration 2
  • 1. Dashboard preferred
Search Function implementations 1
  • 1. Profile: Function to search for particular user would be useful
  • 2. Without a search function, doesn't mimic Carousell - doesn't make sense. Listing should have search function
Need to report user for inadequate behaviour 1
  • 1. Requires an urgent alert function for inadequate behaviour
  • 2. Reporting of content that violates the T&C
Price Issues 6
  • 1. Location of Price is not obvious
  • 2. Price up and down arrows are not visible
  • 3. Should price be offered in a listing
  • 4. Shouldn't cut the zero out of price
  • 5. Dollar and cents are very long, should be shorter
  • 6. Dollars and cents should be together
Listing Prices
Offering of Prices 3
  • 1. Location of Price is not obvious
  • 2. Price up and down arrows are not visible
  • 3. Counter offer is not obvious - has to be better highlighted"
Agreements issues 3
  • 1. Icon for agreements is confusing
  • 2. When adding agreements, please give examples to allow greater understanding of what agreements entail (2 Users)
Agreement Issues
6 digit number code prompt is not obvious 1
  • 1. To state that this is for code retrieval from handphone
Design issues 17 Chat: Design
  • 1. Chat feels very bare and impersonal
  • 2. Font size too small
  • 3. Chat name should be visible within screen
  • 4. No user picture is shown with relation to each chat
  • 5. Diff colours between buyer/seller
  • 1. Can put legend to indicate buyer and sellers with colour
  • 1. Buyer/Seller should have colour differentiation
  • 2. Inconsistent colour labels in Reviews Page
  • 3. Item name in review page is weird and out of place
  • 1. Buyer/Seller should have colour differentiation
  • 1. Layout is confusing
  • 2. Many black screens, not good
  • 3. Top bar logo (MaiMai logo) is too small
  • 4. Word spacing might need to adjust, within the appropriate screen size
  • 5. Design is too plain
  • 6. Feels that something is missing to tell the whole experience
  • 7. Colour scheme can be brighter, rather than just grey"
Create badges and gamify the application 2
  • 1. Have badges on the profile/below the summary review
Hand clicking cursor to indicate to user that the button can be pressed 1 Support
Adding details to image 3
  • 1. Not intuitive - Should show the details somehow and that the picture is editable
  • 2. Close button - some of the images don't have close button
  • 3. Image upload title in dispute
Image Detail
Guide needed to support user (Links with the other errors) 4
  • 1. FAQ/Q&A
  • 2. System convo to explain
  • 3. Interactive guide to teach user of system
  • 4. Agreements should be better explained of its consequences and importance"
Dashboard/Home page/Side bar got issues (Combined) 14
  • 1. Chat under dashboard should show last few unread messages than last message of multiple chats (2 users)
  • 2. Chat that is related to listing has to be more obvious
  • 3. More segregation on the dashboard. Name and words all seem clamped. Hard to read (5 users)
  • 4. Pending offers not aligned/Messy
  • 5. Confusing, plain, unattractive
  • 6. Side bar not appealing, font too small, colour scheme doesn’t enable easy visualization, might not belong on the location (4 user)
  • 7. Side bar font should be bigger, use up more vertical space (2 users)
  • 8. More specifications will be good"
Front Page
Review categories 1
  • 1. Number of review categories between buyer/seller should standardize
Review Category
Filtering System 1
  • 1. Should include "All" in Review and Dispute and Transaction
Review Summary 1
  • 1. Summary of reviews should be shown on profile page
Profile Details
Finding review is not clear 1
  • 1. Hard to find how to review
Review Filing
Pages 1
  • 1. Should separate buyers and sellers of review into 2 pages
Review Pages
Unintuitive Error Msg 1
  • 1. User might feel review is submitted when it is not due to unintuitive message
Error Msg
Placeholder 1
  • 1. Placeholder not necessary as nothing is uploaded for evidence
Dispute Filing
History of updating 1
  • 1. Good to show listing has been edited before for cases of dispute
  • 2. Good to show when user was last active
Dispute Category 2
  • 1. Maybe put an “others” section for disputes that may not be in a certain category provided (1x category too general, hard to find fit, shouldn't be a reason. Pre-sale and after-sale instead?)
  • 2. Additionally, individuals found that the dispute categories could feel irrelevant to them. Needs more overarching and normal categories (or larger variety) including broken item etc.
Dispute Category
Generate Picture 3
  • 1. Generate picture should allow users to capture straight from mobile phone instead (2 users)
  • 2. Generate listing should be separate and not in between - option to set would make it more obvious"
Capture Function
Freezing of pages 1
  • 1. If transaction is in dispute, things should be frozen
Dispute Freezing
Drag and Drop 1
  • 1. Easier to drag and drop image into chat
Chat functions
No redirection of certain "intuitive" links 1
  • 1. Clicking username of chat shall redirect to profile
Scrolling in chat page 1
  • 1. A lot of scrolling in chat page to "View Offer", "View Transaction"
  • 2. Certain images can be made smaller
Product Categorization 1
  • 1. A way to show chats by product for sale if selling more than one product
New listing 1
  • 1. New Listing in header not very obvious
Picture Uploading 6
  • 1. Picture should be compulsory for listing
  • 2. Upload more listing pictures - there shouldn't be a limit!
  • 3. Selection of picture should auto upload (2 users)
  • 4. Multiple buttons to upload is too confusing"
Likes 1
  • 1. Saving of listing for future reference would be useful

Summary Charts

Proportion of Student Users


Proportion of C2C Users


Option A vs Option B?

Option A Option B
UT1OptionA.JPG UT1OptionB.JPG


Action Plan

  • Fix all integration issues
  • Prepare for the release 1.0 of MaiMai
  • Improve upon UT2