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Bug Metrics

What: Bug metrics are used to keep track of bugs found during development.
When: Bugs are recorded in the bug metrics document during testing at the end of each iteration.
How: 1 x num (Low Impact) + 5 x num (High Impact) + 10 x num (Critical Impact)

Severity Action
Low Impact (1 point) Typo error or small user interface alignment issues. Functionality of the application is still stable.
High Impact (5 points) Though application is functional, some non-critical functions are not working
Critical Impact (10 points) Application is not functional. Bugs must be fixed before proceeding.
Score Description
BM <= 5 Application does not need immediate fixing, can be fixed during buffer days or coding tasks.
5 < BM < 10 Ultilize planned debugging time in the iteration to rectify the bug.
BM >= 10 Stop all current development and rectify the bug immediately.

Stark BM.png
Iteration Bug Score Bug Summary Action Taken
6 43

3 low
8 high
0 critical

The spike in bug count is due to the integration of dispute management system together with previous completed features. Resolve bugs immediately. No major delay was caused.
8 179

44 low
21 high
3 critical

The spike in bug count is because of the integration of many new features together for UT1. Resolve bugs immediately. Iteration 8 was scheduled for post UT1 debugging. PM scheduled the Lead Backend developer to focus on debugging while the rest of the developers focus on development.
9 42

7 low
3 high
2 critical

The first critical bug was system crashed when a dispute for review is filed. The second critical bug was images is not updated when listing image name is being edited. Resolve bugs immediately. No major delay was caused. Critical bug did not occur again. Similar action was performed but bug did not replicate.