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Roles & Responsibilities

Project Manager & Quality Assurance: Lee Chian Yee

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  • Maintain oversight of project
  • Arrange and steer meetings
  • Iteration planning and resource allocation
  • Monitor bug metric and ensure that bugs are fix promptly
  • Wiki custodian and designated minutes taker

Business Analyst & Deputy Project Manager: Raji Hemanth Kumar

Stark Hem.png


  • Market research and report findings
  • Validate business idea with mentor
  • Formulate functional requirements
  • Manage project scope and risks
  • Wiki Editor

System Analyst : Lee Qixian

Stark Qx.png


  • Oversee development progress of application
  • Ensure seamless integration between back end and front end
  • Advise team on any technical concerns
  • Deployment of application
  • Develop functions and ensure final deliverables match functional requirements

Lead Quality Assurance & Tester: Darren Tay Kuang Yong

Stark Darren.png


  • Develop test cases and conduct testing
  • Measure usability and user experience of the application
  • Execute and evaluate test-cases and report test results
  • Ensure quality and standard in code

Lead Frontend Developer & Deputy Quality Assurance: Lin Qian Pin

Stark Qp.png


  • Design and optimize UI performance
  • Ensure consistency in UI design
  • Develop positive UX for the application
  • Promote design consistency and other UI standards
  • Ensure quality and standard in code

Lead Backend Developer & Deputy Frontend Developer: Phua Xue Yong

STARK Josh.png


  • In charge of back-end development and guide team on technical aspect
  • Define coding standards and conventions
  • Identify frameworks and technologies required for the project
  • Design project's systems and database architecture
  • Assist in Frontend development to design project's front-end appearance