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Project Info

Project Idea
Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) transactions have been plagued with dishonesty and insincere buyers and sellers. It is hard to trust fellow users especially when there are a lack of rules enforced to ensure that users play fair. Most transactions are based on a “social contract” with absolutely no obligation. Even with the existence of user reviews and ratings, there are many situations where users who are in the wrong get their way, or worse they end up rating the other party negatively as a form of “revenge” rating.

We want to solve this problem by introducing a way for users in the C2C market to be able to review and rate each other fairly as well as have the option to accept and make payments before performing the transaction itself (be it meeting to deliver the product/service, mailing etc.)

More detailed project info can found Project Overview Page

Project Status

Current Iteration: 15

Current Iteration Start Date: 7 November 2016 (Monday)

Current Iteration End Date: 20 November 2016 (Sunday)

Team Deliverables for Current Iteration :

  • Prepare final presentation slides
  • UT3 analysis

Overall Project Completion Status: 98%

Project Milestones

Proposal Submission: 15 June 2016

Acceptance: 10 August 2016

Midterm: 7 October 2016

Poster Submission: 7 November 2016

Final Presentation: 24 November 2016

Poster Day: 2 December 2016