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INSIGHT Timeline

User Testing Plan

Target Users & Testing Scope

User Type Target Users Scope
Primary users
  • DBS VGP users
  • Students who have taken the module - Entrepreneurial Finance (EF)
  • Entire application
    Secondary users
  • SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • People who has a business / are interested in starting a business in the next 2 years
  • External upload + main features of INSIGHT

    Testing Sessions

    Session 1

  • Date: 28 Oct 2016
  • Venue: Five Bar Izakaya
  • Users: 5 users, DBS VGP users (Entire department)
  • Duration: 4PM - 6PM

  • Session 2

  • Date: 31 Oct - 9 Nov 2016
  • Users: 20 users
  • User Testing Objective

    Objective Data Collected
    Effectiveness of users in completing tasks
  • Task completion (Quantitative)
  • User error (Quantitative)
  • Observations (Qualitative)
  • Time taken (Quantitative)
  • Comfort and acceptability of users
  • Ease of use rating (Quantitative)
  • User feedback (Qualitative)
  • User Testing Documents

    UT3 primary user tasks
    UT3 secondary user tasks

    User Testing Results

    Data Collected

    Polyvision UAT3 charts.png

    Key Findings & Changes Implemented

    Task Observation / Feedback Implemented? Changes Implemented
    Given a company's name, find the company profile
  • Some participants feel that the navigation tab "Manage Companies" does not sound that they can find all the companies there. There were some suggestions to change the tab name to "Manage All Companies", "Company List", "View All Companies"
  • Some participants feel that there are too many tabs in the navigation bar and suggested that we could categorize them into categories and have sub tabs. It will be easier to find things
  • Yes UI changes
    Restructured the navigation bar. Grouped tabs into categories e.g. Companies, Venture Capitalist, Deals. Changed "Manage Companies" to "View All Companies" for better understanding.
    Include a new venture capitalist into a company profile
  • Many participants were confused by the buttons "New Venture Capitalist" and "Add More Venture Capitalist" at the edit company profile page. They found these 2 buttons similar, thus confusing.
  • We observed that the "Add More .." button is understandable because we have used it in many other areas of the application. The "New Venture Capitalist" button was created for users to have the ease of creating venture capitalist without having to navigate to a separate page to create. However, we did not expect it to cause so much confusion.
  • Yes UI changes
    Removed "New Venture Capitalist" button and included and info tooltip icon to provide users with the guide on how to add a new venture capitalist if they cannot find what they want from the dropdown list.
    Create a custom notification
  • Some participants found the time picker difficult to use especially when it comes to the keying of AM/PM because the time picker used prevents users from typing, and only the up or down arrow can be used.
  • Some participants suggested to have a dropdown for the time picker, which is easier to use.
  • Participants from DBS VGP also suggested to have a the notification timing to be set at a default office hour because it is troublesome to set it everytime a notification is created.
  • Yes UI changes
    Changed time picker to something similar to a dropdown list and set default value for notification time.
    Import namecard (.vcf) to extract information of contact person
  • Currently only contacts imported from the .vcf files can be seen on a collated page. DBS VGP requested for a contact book feature, where they can view all contact persons from all companies and deals. They would also like to export these information of the contact persons out.
  • Yes Function extension
    Extended namecard recognition module to a contact book where all contact persons information can be retrieve from a single page and can be exported as well.