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Risk Management

Type of Risks

Project Risks

Risk Event Probability Impact Mitigation Plan
Sponsor's requirements may change over time to better facilitate their business as a result, it may affect the schedule. High High Meet with the client more frequently to update and receive feedback on the project, mitigating risk of any impromptu changes.
Misalignment of IT with Business Strategy Medium Medium Schedule regular meetings with the Sponsor to constantly receive feedback by presenting development updates.
Project cannot be completed on time. Low High Seek agreement from Sponsor to drop additional but minor functionalities and features.

Technical Risks

Risk Event Probability Impact Mitigation Plan
More time required to explore new technologies hence, affecting progress and ability to meet stipulated deadlines. Medium High Perform prior research on the technologies. Peer coaching. Constantly review and re-evaluate of project schedule.
Development is hindered by task dependencies or critical bugs. Medium High Adjust the schedule according to bug metric.

Human Risks

Risk Event Probability Impact Mitigation Plan
Team members may be unavailable due to illnesses or any unforeseen circumstances. Low High Each team member is assigned a deputy role. In the event that the lead is unavailable, the deputy will be in charge.
Difficult to find common meeting times among the team Low High The team has decided to bid for same classes as possible. Evening and night time are chosen to be common meeting time to avoid possible schedule conflict.
A team member drops out of the team. Low High Inform Supervisor and seek for advice. Re-assigned roles and responsibilities.