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Marksmen Project Scope Primaryheader.jpeg Admin-create Challenge Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Text Based Challenge Creation Enable the instructor to create multi-line text response challenges. For code based challenges, the instructor should be able to stipulate the input code language 2 X
Survey Creation Enable instructor to create surveys that measure student sentiment towards a particular approach or the event (class session) in general. Supports multiple choice and open ended responses 5 X
Upload Survey Template Enable the instructor to create an event challenge based on three existing tried and tested surveys: "Education vs Disaffection with learning", "Motivated strategies for learning", and "School engagement scale". Support for other predetermined templates can be introduced if necessary. 4 X
Multiple Choice Challenge Creation Enable the instructor to construct their own multiple choice challenges. The challenges support radio and checkbox response types 5 X
Extended Link Based Challenge Support Enable support for links associated with a challenge by the instructor. Particularly, native video link playing and window size adjustment. 3 X
Student Challenge Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Code Challenge Enable the student to paste and edit code in a native code editor. This service is provided by Ace. This, and subsequent challenge tasks assume inclusion of enabling of answer submission 4 X
Multiple Choice Challenge Enable the student to engage in individual multiple choice question challenges. 7 X
Survey Participation Enable the student to participate in surveys created or uploaded by the instructor 4 X
Extended Text Input Enable students to participate in multi-line text response challenges. This is mainly to support the journalling challenge feature but will be implemented in short-response challenges, as well as being included as one of the video assessment options. 3 X
Index Card Challenge Enable students to submit "index cards", or short text questions regarding topics in class. Includes support for question types of: "General", "Code", "Conceptual", "Fun", and "Personal" 3 O
Video Assessment Module Enable students to watch a video link within the portal and then perform an assessment as dictated by the instructor. Assessment types generally include re-use of other challenge types such as short MCQ quizzes, reflection-like text input, and boolean acknowledgement 8 O
Admin-review Event Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Select Event Challenge Enable instructor to select which challenge within an event whose results to view. Includes support for toggling of viewing archived events 2 X
Index Card Review Enable instructor to review index card submission. The instructor should be able to answer questions, assign points for constructive questions, and export the question-answer results for students to keep and view. The application also allows for a word cloud visualisation on aggregated sentiment for easy identification of hot topics asked. 7 O
Graded Submission Review Enable the instructor to review the input of grade-able challenges, currently only the MCQ challenge which is marked by the application. The Instructor should be able to view the entire individual submission as well as a graphical representation of performance by question. 7 O
Text Based Input Review Enable the instructor to review the result text based input challenges. The instructor should be able to assign points based on their discretion on input quality. 3 X
Dashboard View Enable the instructor to view an overall picture of submissions for challenges within an event. Due to varying challenge content types, the dashboard will likely only display a common metric, such as submission percentages 3 X
Code Review Enable the instructor to review code based challenge input vis a vis text input challenges, but with the exception of running the output in the Ace code editor 2 X
Instructor Feedback Module Enable the instructor to easily view and approve challenges that are not auto grade-able and either confirm the submission or decline it, in which case the student user will have their challenge view updated to inform them that their submission was unsatisfactory 5 X
Ranking Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Rank Based On Challenges Create a ranking system for students within an event based on their performances in challenges. The instructor should be able to toggle the ranking based on active challenges (performance for a single week's class), or all challenges, including archived ones (performance for the module overall) 6 O
Marksmen Project Scope Secheader.jpeg Cohorts Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Ranking Aggregation Across Events Enable combining of event specific information in a single view. For example. the total number of participants across similar events (all Gs for a module), or all the challenges administered across these events 5 ~
Integrated Statistic Dashboard View Enable a visual representation of the information aggregated across events in a a single page view 5 ~
Announcements Module Enable the instructor to broadcast announcements to all users within a cohort 5 X
Cohort Access Control Users should be inserted into cohorts based on their participation in cohort events 2 X
Cohort Creation Enable the instructor to create cohorts and select which events to include within the cohort 2 X
Assistant Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Assistant Assignment Enable the instructor to set assistants for an event, selectable from users currently enrolled in the event. Assistants can be set to allow reviewing and/or editing of events 4 X
Assistant Access Control Based on variables dictated by the instructor, assistants should be allowed to review event challenge submissions and edit the event accordingly. No more, and no less 4 X
Challenge Support Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Challenge Unlocking Enable the instructor to set a threshold for challenge prerequisites before a challenge within an event becomes available for a particular student to participate in. 3 O
Time Completion Challenge Enable the instructor so select a series of challenges for which the start time and end time will be monitored. Student completion time for this set of challenges will determine their intra event ranking 5 O
Mentor Assignment Enable the instructor to activate a variation of time completion challenge, where fastest completing students get paired up with students with a slower completion rate. By the time half the class is done with their challenges, every student should be paired in mentor-mentee groups. This can be extended to support greater group sizes than pairs, but operating under the same concept 8 O
Team Activity Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Join Teams Enable students to join teams. This is a prerequisite for other items in the team activity module 2 O
Team Link Submission Enable a member of a team to submit a link for a team link challenge. That link will appear as the submission for everyone on the team. Any team member can update the link for the team. 3 O
Team Project Review Enable teams to review the links from all other teams,and create an MCQ question about each team’s deliverable. 4 O
Challenge Tournament Enable the automation of running of a tournament where users have to solve n challenges one after another. This activity automates the process of showing a 1-minute countdown to unhide the first challenge. The activity view then tracks when there is a 1st place winner, 2nd place, etc 10 O
Team Based Multiple Choice Enable the instructor to create team MCQ challenges. Similar to the team link submission challenge, all the member of a team can edit the MCQ answers.There will be an option for teams to enter in a confidence score between 0 and 100% for each questions. 8 O
Team Based Index Cards Enable teams to participate in index card submissions as a team, where the students decide internally which are the most worthy questions for submission and choose x cards out of n submissions to be sent to the instructor 6 O
Game Show Module Enable use of a single MCQ quiz to run an Individual Readiness Assessment Test (IRAT), followed by a Team Readiness Assessment Test (TRAT) on the same quiz. The scores for each team are then aggregated and ranked. 10 O
Service Integration Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Service Registration Challenge Enable students to partake in a challenge which simply requires then to sign up for an external service. Such services include codeschool or game based educational services such as code combat 5 O
Minimum Achievements Challenge Enable instructors to set a goal of achievements within an external service to be completed before a challenge can be considered as complete. E.g. earn 3 badges on codeschool. 5 O
Marksmen Project Scope Tertiaryheader.jpeg Analytics Module
Task Name Description Estimated Difficulty (by man hours) Progress
Stochastic Performance Prediction Perform predictive analytics under the stochastic model, which considers random variations based on fluctuations observed in historical data for a selected period, in order to determine the students likely to perform well in a particular task 10 O
Performance Trend Analysis Utilise historical data to estimate metrics such as which mentor mentee pair have the best correlative performance. 10 O