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Project Progress Summary

Hungrymen Update.png

Smart Hawker is deployed and available at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smarthawker/id1139427249?mt=8

Finals Slides, Video and Poster

Project Highlights

  • Conducted Market Survey to review feasibility, problems and potential solutions.
  • Conducted two Expert Testing to gain insights about Smart Hawker App's interface and two UATs
  • Conducted two User Acceptance Tests to validate and collate feedback according to Hawker's surveyed, to make necessary app improvements.
  • Deployed onto testflight on the 8th of April 2016
  • Deployed onto App Store on the 27th of September 2016
  • Smart Hawker iOS Application compatible for iOS 9.3 and above
  • Backend migrated from Parse to self-hosted AWS

Project Challenges

  • Finding Users:

Our team had to find the correct timing to go down and conduct our UATs as well as promoting our app. Initially, we went down around noon which was the lunch period and they were all busy. Hence our team handle this situation by going down at off-peak hours.

  • Learning New Programming Languages:

Our team find it particularly challenging when there was no one to guide us. However, we dealt with this by watching Youtube tutorials, Google and consulting friends that had done an iPhone App before.

  • Communication:

The most challenging area of is480 project is the communication between team members, sponsors and supervisors. To ensure that there is no conflicts, tension or miscommunication, our team abide by the rule of speaking up and also constant communication with our sponsors and supervisors of our progress.

Project Achievements

  • Available on App Store
  • Application features and ideas validated with the target market and improved to fit their preferences.
  • More than 70 users sign ups
  • More than 15 weekly users consistent usage for 1-Month

Project X-Factor

Hungrymen Xfactor.png

Project Management

Project Status



Project Schedule

Planned Schedule


Actual Schedule


Highlights of Schedule Changes

S/N Changes
1 Added sync function in iteration 9 upon midterm review feedback
2 1. Added iOS10 upgrade in iteration 10. Initially our team did consider a possibility of an iOS10 upgrade but was not sure if it would be release during our FYP period as apple did not give a concrete date. So when they release iOS10 upgrade, our team wanted to make sure that xcode 8 IDE is stable before we planned it into our schedule.

2. Added migration in iteration 10
3 Included poster and video into our documentation at Iteration 10
4 At the end of iteration 10, our team realize that backend admin module and migration was more complex than expected hence we will delay backend admin module to iteration 11 and migration to iteration 12
5 At the end of iteration 11, there was additional function for backend admin module and hence our team delay it till iteration 12

Project Metrics

Task Metrics

Task Metrics


Bugs Metrics

Bugs Metrics
HungryMen BugScore.png

Mitigation Plan

Iteration Bug Score Summary of Bugs and Issue Action Taken
2 15 Functionality
  • Recording fields added (i.e sales, expenses) is jumbled & not in order of records added.
  • Page link error (Links back to home page when record is deleted).

User Interface

  • Colour coding for record fields wrong & naming not standardised.
  • Records in Business Calendar not highlighted even when records are added.
Stopped progress for Iteration 3 to resolve bugs that were unsolved by end of iteration 2. All bugs were resolved within 1 day (4th July).
6 18


  • Edit Profile Tab missing back button as well as tab navigation bar (unable to navigate out).

User Interface

  • User interface errors (Font size, Labels not standardised, Minor grammatical errors on display)
Stopped progress for Iteration 7 to resolve bugs that were unsolved by end of iteration 6. All bugs were resolved within 1 day (29th Aug).
7 38


  • Calendar and Report view values do not tally. Report shows missing values.
  • Record values ( Sales, COGS, Expenses, Profit) not displayed in sequence.
  • Graph in "Week" report displays accumulated sales instead of individual day sales.
  • In Report, COGS and Other Expenses are grouped into a single "Total Expenses". Should not combine it.
  • Unable to edit email in "Edit Profile"
  • Lowest sales displayed as $0, instead of lowest recorded sales.

User Interface

  • User interface errors (Minor grammatical errors on display)
  • Tax calculation disclaimer missing.
  • Tax report display sequence not arranged according to IRAS format.
Stopped progress for Iteration 8 to resolve bugs that were unsolved by end of iteration 7. All bugs were resolved within 2 days (12-13th Sept).
9 20

After iOS 10 upgrade:

  • After login, the main tab bar is missing. Application functionalities fail to load and unable to change tab.
  • After logout, application will prompt for fingerprint authentication and crash upon reaching the main landing page (after successful logout).
Stopped progress for Iteration 10 to resolve bugs that were unsolved by end of iteration 9. All bugs were resolved within 2 days (10-11th Oct).

Technical Complexity

Migration of Parse

1. Understand of System Architecture







With no prior knowledge on server architecture, migration of Parse challenges us as we will have to study typical architecture before we are able to set up the server. We will have to understand which layer to setup the database, which layer to host Parse API server, as well as how to configure each individual layer.

2. Configuring node.js
We will be hosting the backend of our application on AWS EC2. Our DB will be on node.js server. The learning curve is steep as we have no experience in node.js, especially on AWS where there is no GUI for us to work on, only linux commands.


3. MailGun Adaptor
While testing on the migration of our application, one major functionality failed when we are running our testing server on AWS. The emailing function is not working and users will not be able to receive the email to reset their password. After investigation, we realized that Parse Server does not provide emailing functionality, and we will have to set up our own emailAdaptor on our Parse server. After setting up our MailGun account, we set up the adaptor, and finally use the adaptor in our Parse server.

Quality of Product

Project Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Minutes
Metrics Metrics
Risk Management Risk Management
Change Management Change Management
Project Overview Project Overview Project Overview
Project Scope Project Scope
SmartHawker App Design SmartHawker App Design
Testing Expert Test 1 Expert Test I
Expert Test 2 Expert Test II
User Acceptance Test 1 User Acceptance Test I
User Acceptance Test 2 User Acceptance Test II
User Guide Documentation User Guide Documentation


Interface change from our Expert Test I to Expert Test II


Interface change from our Expert Test II to UAT 1




Interface change from our UAT 1 to UAT 2: Onboard Launch Screen Tutorials

Interface change UAT 2 to Current: Added contact us at login page and reset of admin pin function




User Testing Date Venue Users
Expert Test 1 5th - 7th August 2016 Singapore Management University 30 iOS users who use applications on a daily basis.
Expert Test 2 9th September 2016 to 11th September 2016 Various Locations 30 iOS users who are closer to hawkers age range of above 30 years old.
User Acceptance Test 1 23th September 2016 to 25th September 2016 Various Locations (Tanjong Pajar Food Centre, Golden Mile Food Centre etc) 30 hawkers who operate small businesses in Singapore.
User Acceptance Test 2 29th October to 1st November 2016 Various Locations (Kovan Hawker Centre, Eunos Hawker Centre, Albert Centre) 30 hawkers who operate small businesses in Singapore.


Team Reflection


From left to right: Kay ZongWei, Cheng Ching Yi, Chua Weilun, Goh Gui Xiang Wendy, Gao Min

IS480 give students a taste of the realistic experience when handling projects out in the working field. Out of the many things that IS480 train us, our determination was one of the most important aspect that we found that IS480 taught us.

Individual Reflection

Hungrymen learningoutcome.png

Sponsors Comment

From left to right: Mr Boon Teck Tan, Mr Edmund Foo, Mr Marcus Lee

"It was a pleasure developing Smart Hawker (iOS) with The Hungrymen. They are a bright and resourceful group of students. Over the course of the semester, they have managed to help us develop an app that is not only functionally stable, but also aesthetically pleasing. The user interface is clean, direct and easy to use, which benefit our target customers i.e. hawkers, tremendously. The have helped us create an excellent platform upon which we can further enhance our product and service moving forward. From start to end, it was a great experience with a great team. Well done!"
- Mr Edmund Foo, Mr Boon Teck Tan, Mr Marcus Lee