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Team GENESIS has chosen the SCRUM methodology as part of our project management. We are also aware that our project’s requirements are subjected to changes. Changes can occur at any point in the project life cycle.

Our mission is to ensure that the changes go through a deliberate and controlled process. This process has to involve GENESIS team and Project Stakeholders.

We have identified two main sources of change that could happen from.
i) Client’s request for new feature
ii) Incorrect feature implementation for client

Process Overview: It begins with a change request which is received by Team GENESIS from client. All change request will be documented and considered by team GENESIS. Team GENESIS will then discuss on the change request based on its feasibility, relevancy and whether is it a necessity as of current scope before deciding on implementing it. Upon acceptance, Team GENESIS will inform the stakeholders and proceed with implementation of changes.

This model will allow the team to work efficiently and enhance the business process of Vimbox’s. We believe that this would maximize the potential flexibility of our team to work on the changes in the fastest time possible and ensuring all stakeholders are well-informed of changes.