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Project Overview

Project Highlights

  1. One-way valet service has been implemented and integrated into current process.
  2. Scheduling module has been implemented and integrated.
  3. Lead developer from Fixir team will be moving on to a full-time job - iOS app will not be delivered as promised (which has always been our biggest risk). This affects our project adversely as it may no longer be possible for us to go “live” in time to collect real user data.
  4. Major changes in scope, as we drop some functionalities (see scope revision) for our web application, and move our resources to develop a mobile-friendly website to replace the current iOS app (risk mitigation).

Project Management

Project Status

Current Sprint: 11
Sprint Period: 26 September - 09 October
Major Milestone: Midterm Presentation
Features Involved: Fixir Customer Web Application

Our project consists of 15 sprints and we have completed 67% of our project scope.

Outstanding Features

Module New Feature? Confidence Level Remarks
Valet Yes 1 Project Team suggested to sponsor to add features in this module in order to make the valet process more robust.
Customer Web App Yes 0.9 Project Team suggested to sponsor to make use of a web application that is mobile optimized for the deployment so that their customers can experience their services even before their iOS application is ready.
Payment No 0.9 Feature is important for sponsor to be able to track the payments and transactions that were performed over Stripe.

Project Scope (Planned vs Actual)

Planned Actual
Fixxlar Project Scope Version4.jpeg

Fixxlar Project Scope Version6.1.jpeg

Major Changes Made

Sprint Module Action Category Description Value to Client
10-11 Fixir Customer Web Application Added Tertiary This module provides customers with a platform to submit their quotation requests as well as valet requests for their car servicing needs. As the iOS application for our Sponsor will only be developed by end of 2016, this platform that Team Fixxlar is developing provides an opportunity for customers to be able to test the business process as early as possible. With the inputs gathered from customers, our sponsor will be able to improve their current business process flow before their official application is released to the market.

Project Schedule (Planned vs Actual)

Planned Actual
Fixxlar Schedule Version5.jpeg

Fixxlar Schedule Version6.jpeg

Updates from Planned to Actual

  1. Deployment of the application has been pushed back as Sponsor is not able to develop the iOS application that is required for the deployment. Deployment of both the stand-in application that project team is doing will both be deployed by the end of Sprint 12.
  2. User Testing 2 and 3 have been shifted back due to the change in scope.
  3. Final Deployment of both applications will be done in Sprint 13, afterwhich it will be available to real customers to test and provide feedback.
  4. Sprint 11 and 12 have been allocated to the new module that was introduced during sprint 10.

Project Metrics

Team Velocity

Fixxlar Sprint 7 Veloctiy Metrics.jpeg
Explanation: There were less number of stories that we accepted in the beginning as Project Team was still unfamiliar with the new technologies. After the mitigation plans and the changes that have been made by the project manager, the team was able to get more stories accepted in the later sprints.

Sprint Burndown


  • Ideal : Total planned story points over the number of days in a sprint.
  • Actual : Actual story points that have completed each day of the sprint.
S/N Sprint Explanation Actions Taken
1 Fixxlar Sprint 4 Burndown Chart.jpeg During this sprint, the team did not manage to complete the features in the quotation module as the project manager underestimate the complexity and therefore causing the features to be incomplete by the end of this sprint. Project Manager arranged for more meetups with the Sponsor team to make the requirements for the Quotation Module clearer between both teams to ensure that there is a better estimate for the project.
2 Fixxlar Sprint 6 Burndown Chart.jpeg The team was not able implement the chat module in time for testing during this sprint as there were difficulties implementing it into the testing application that was developed by the Sponsor Team. Although the chat module was not completed, project team managed to implement the front-end for the chat features. Project Manager arranged for coding sessions with Sponsor’s technical team to ensure that project team is able to deliver the chat module in the upcoming sprints.

Project Risks

S/N Risk Type Risk Event Likelihood Impact Mitigation Plan
1 Schedule Risk iOS app used by customers not being able to be delivered by sponsor in time High High Reduce scope for our web application.
2 Scope Risk 2-way valet process flow not feasible, as it has never been done/tested before High Low Only give the option of having 1-way valet which is more straightforward. Collect data from the user testing to figure out how receptive consumers are to this idea.
3 Schedule Risk Client will not deliver the iOS application at all. High High Fixir team will develop a web interface that is compatible on Mobile and use it to stand in for the iOS app so that the business can still be executed and tested by users.
4 Schedule Risk Project Team will not be able to produce the web application in time to stand in for the mobile application Medium High Project Team will make use of the GOOGLE CHROME POSTMAN to demonstrate the scenarios during the presentation.
5 Resource Risk Unable to find users to try out our application when we deploy the minimal viable web app for customers Medium Medium We will do our part by marketing our product through social media as early as possible so that users know of our application.
  • Project Risks 1, 2, 3 has happened and Project Team has informed Project Supervisor and proceed on with Plan B as our Backup Plan.
  • Project Risk 4 has yet to happen.

Technical Complexity

Architecture Diagram

Fixxlar architecture diagram.png

Quality of Product

Value Proposition

1. Value for Quotation Management
Before: Average time for workshop to receive a request sent by the customer (via Fixir team’s calls/whatsapp to workshops): >10 mins

After: Average time for workshop to receive a request sent by a customer (via mobile app platform) - 70 seconds (approx 12% of original time!): <70 seconds (approximately 12% of original time!)

2. Value for Valet
Research agency 2CV has found that Singaporeans spent an average of 9 hours a week in their cars, which suggests that although Singapore is a tiny little country, most drivers maximise the usage of their vehicles - probably because the cost of owning a private vehicle is one of the highest in the world.

With extensive running of engine hours and mileage clocked, experts recommend that vehicles should be periodically inspected and maintained by professional workshops, ideally within every 20,000km or every 3 months, whichever comes first (kia.com.sg). However, with “time constraint” stated as the most obvious excuse from consumers, a whooping 89% of vehicles (carcare.org) are actually in need of at least one service or minor repair. This may be detrimental to the society as such defects may endanger the lives of all road users, and may also cause a higher volume of harmful emissions to be released into the environment.

Average time spent for basic servicing based on Delphi methodology (including traveling to-and-from workshops): 3 hours. Imagine the amount of time saved if you were to get a valet driver to service your car on your behalf!

Immediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Meeting Minutes A compilation of internal, sponsor, and supervisor meeting minutes
Project Schedule Project Schedule
Metrics Project Metrics
Risk Management Risk Management and Mitigation
Requirements Project Scope Project Scope
User Stories User Stories and Product Backlog
Analysis Persona and Scenario Persona & Scenario
Market Research Market Research
Technologies and Diagrams Architectural Design, Use Case Diagram, ER Diagram, Workflow Diagram
Design Prototypes Medium & High Fidelity Prototypes
Testing User Test Plan & Results User Test Plan & Results



User Testing 2C

Venue: FIXIR’s office (BASH, #03-01, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955)
Date: 4 October 2016 - 5 October 2016, Tuesday - Wednesday
Time: 6:00pm - 8.00pm
Duration: ~30 minutes
Number of Participant(s): 5 (TBC)

UT2C Objectives:

  • To gather feedback on the user interface of web application for Customers
  • Identify possible usability issues with primary functions of Fixir Customer Web Application Module

User Testing 2B

Venue: FIXIR’s office (BASH, #03-01, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955)
Date: 24 September 2016, Saturday
Time: 10:00am - 3.00pm
Duration: ~30 minutes
Number of Participant(s): 5

UT2B Objectives:

  • To gather feedback on the user interface of Valet Driver’s web application - to be compatible with mobile site too
  • Identify possible usability issues with functions and usability of Valet Module

User Testing 2A

Venue: FIXIR’s office (BASH, #03-01, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955)
Date: 17 September 2016, Saturday
Time: 12:00pm - 2.00pm
Duration: ~30 minutes
Number of Participant(s): 5 (Fixir administrators), 3 (Workshop administrators)

UT2A Objectives:

  • To gather feedback on the user interface of web application for Fixir Administrator
  • Identify possible usability issues with functions of Admin Module, Quotation Request Module, Search Module, Valet Module
  • Allow workshops to retest UT1, with the improved UI we have done after acceptance

User Testing 1

Venue: FIXIR’s office (BASH, #03-01, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955) & Respective Workshops
Date: 6 August 2016, Saturday
Time: 10.00am - 2.00pm
Duration: ~30 minutes
Number of Participant(s): 6

UT1 Objectives:

  • To gather feedback on the user interface of Workshop Administrator’s web application
  • Identify possible usability issues with functions of Account Module, Quotation Request Module, Dashboard Module


Team's Reflection

Fixxlar Midterm Reflection.png