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Project Schedule Risk Management Charlies Angels Current Stage.png Change Management Metrics
Evaluation Metrics
Priority of Change Request Decision
Reject Inform client on the rejection
Accept & Low Priority Functions would be added to Secondary/Tertiary Tier
Accept & Medium Priority Discuss with client to re-adjust the project scope & add the new change request as a new function
Accept & High Priority Project Manager to include task in project & re-schedule tasks and this function is to be placed in high priority to be implemented
Change Log
Iteration No. Date Category Change Description Reason for Request Accept/Reject Priority Status of Request
2 06 JUN 2016 Backend & Frontend Added 5 functionalities:

a) StockBookValueAlert
b) StockBookPortfolioBuildingProgram
c) StockBookIncomeBuilding
d) StockBookStarAward
e) StockBookAnnualReportAnalysis
Client's Requirements Reject - Closed
2 13 JUN 2016 Backend & Frontend Removed 3 functionalities:

a) IndexDividendAnalysis
b) TopDividendAnalysis
c) CreateGuruPortfolio
Client's Revised Requirements Accept Accept & High Priority Closed
3 01 JUL 2016 Backend & Frontend Added 3 functionalities:

a) StockBookDashboard
b) iStockTrade
c) iStockWatchList
Critical functionalities to make the application more complete Accept Accept & High Priority Closed
5 11 AUG 2016 Backend & Frontend Enhanced RoboAdvisor feature to include more SG-Centric Development Unique Selling Point in the market Accept Accept & High Priority Closed
6 22 AUG 2016 Backend & Frontend Add more information for the Dashboard & RoboAdvisor features Unique Selling Point in the market & makes the application more 'whole' Accept Accept & High Priority Closed
8 12 SEP 2016 Backend & Frontend Add new feature called Stockbook CDP Import Important feature for the sponsor Accept Accept & Medium Priority Closed
11 7 NOV 2016 Backend & Frontend Add new feature called Landing Page for the Sponsor The team felt that it was highly relevant and an additional value to the Sponsor to add the Landing Page Accept Accept & Low Priority Closed